Crazy Cuisine Cart*

Crazy Cuisine Cart* by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

So disappointing. Not only was the quality pretty bottom of the barrel, but this little guy was missing seven pieces! It absolutely wasn’t my fault, I opened the bag directly onto the table and there’s no way that many pieces got up and walked away. Oh well, as one of the Puzzle Posse told me; If I put all the pieces available together I have completed the puzzle – even if it wasn’t complete.

This was one of the puzzles from the Cardinal multipack that I knew wouldn’t be great quality, but wanted to assemble the images because they are so different and interesting. Still love the artwork!

12 thoughts on “Crazy Cuisine Cart*

  1. Alice

    Stacey, I’m so glad you’re back! Coincidentally, just a few days ago I was shopping around for a wooden puzzle and ended up going to your blog because I remembered you had done a series of reviews of wooden puzzles a few years ago. (I still haven’t bought anything. Sometimes I think perusing puzzles online is as much a hobby of mine as actually doing puzzles is.)

    Too bad your mini-puzzle was such poor quality. I love that fun image.

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