In Progress…

Plumes of Color by Eduard – Buffalo – 300 pieces

As I was too chicken to sort or assemble a larger piece count I am currently working on this beauty. It isn’t as difficult as it may look, but it isn’t too easy either – it looks like it’ll be a “goldilocks assembly”.👱‍♀️

Plus, I’m having pretty radical oral surgery in less than two weeks, so I’ve got to get my puzzles-ready-to-post count up before that happens. It’s going to suck, to be sure; but I don’t want to give myself any excuses for staying in bed and wallowing either.

I’ve discovered upon reflection about the last two breaks I took that if there is a post typed up and scheduled I’m more likely to keep at it even if I’m not feeling my best. If I have to get up and write something to post that day it’s more likely that I’ll just stay in bed and do nothing. So, here I am working on smaller puzzles in the hopes that it’ll be quite some time before there’s another mental health break from puzzling.

Ain’t she a purdy puzzle? She’s gonna be stunning all put together!

6 thoughts on “In Progress…

  1. Anonymous

    Wow it is colorful! I love puzzles that pop.
    Sounds like you’ve made a good plan for motivating yourself out of bed.
    I learned it in chemistry – activation energy – often the hardest part of the reaction/action, and in comparison, often pretty much a cruise after that.
    Hugs, Diane

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  2. Nancy

    I’m so happy you’re back!!! I am still a new fan as I only just discovered you last July. I was surprised at how very much I missed you! I love your writing and your wit. And I love how you write about puzzles AND life’s challenges so beautifully. I am so pleased that you take care of your self and prioritize your rest and healing and well being. We all need to take breaks from our duties and even from our passions sometimes. You are a dear and I appreciate you! Sending you my very best wishes for your upcoming surgery.

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