In Progress…

I’m working on another one of those from the multipack of twelve puzzles (by Cardinal) with images by Iralu. The quality is pretty terrible, but it’s the artwork that made me buy them in the first place, I knew they wouldn’t be great to work with, but I couldn’t pass up such interesting and different looking puzzles. 💙

There wasn’t much completed yesterday, just the border and a little bit of one of the four balconies. But it seems as though it’ll be an entertaining assembly despite the quality. I find his artwork fascinatingly different, almost childlike. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before on any jigsaw puzzles, and I love it!

Hope you all have a great week – happy puzzling my friends. 🧩

Untitled In Progress…

Untitled Image by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

Looking for a smaller piece count to work on led me to do something I almost never do – I found the one I wanted to work on and then dumped out all the pieces onto my board – and the only sorting that has been done is to sort the edges from the inside. Shocked? I am!

It’s an untitled puzzle from a multipack of twelve that was purchased several years ago. I know that most multipacks aren’t the best quality, and usually never even look twice at them in the stores or thrift shops. But I saw the images on the box from an artist I’d never heard of and the artwork spoke to me – bad quality or no these were images that I wanted to assemble. I actually purchased them retail. 😲

I’ve assembled a few of the puzzles (think early 2020), but somewhere in time the box got pushed under my puzzle table. Out of sight, out of mind it seems. In my current funk although I want to do some puzzling, committing to 1000 pieces is a bit much for me. So today I went in search of something smaller and happened upon this box with more puzzles left to be completed.

My mood is cranky and impatient at the moment, so messing around with any kind of sorting at all isn’t in the cards and neither is laying pieces out neatly in rows. My OCD will just have to take a backseat to my hella bad attitude – this time.

At only 150 pieces the untitled image shouldn’t take too long, and it’ll be an interesting assembly I’m sure. The quality is less than optimal, but these puzzles are all about the artwork for me, and I’m looking forward to it!

Building Facades

Building Facades
Building Facades by Iralu – Cardinal – 500 pieces

Here we have another untitled image. Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with a catchy title and so I just gave it a descriptive one. What do you see here? Building facades. What should I call it? I guess…..Building Facades. *yawn* Sorry guys, my brain isn’t always firing on all cylinders.

This is one of twelves puzzles in one box from Cardinal. I knew when I purchased it that it wouldn’t be great quality – I’ve never seen one of these multipack puzzles with really good quality. Ever. But, I wanted these images; I love the artwork and decided that it would be worth muddling through the crappy quality to get to put these interesting and colorful images together.

I’ve now assembled puzzles of all three sizes from this multipack and I can report that the puzzles have differing levels of quality. The 150 pieces are the best of the bunch; the fit isn’t great, but it isn’t horrid either, and the piece thickness is fair. The 300 piece puzzles in this set are the middle range; thinner pieces than the 150 pcs., and the fit was about the same. The 500 pieces were the worst of the bunch; the fit was awful, the pieces were extremely thin, and the glare from the shiny finish was much more noticeable.

All of that said, I don’t regret buying this set. I knew it wouldn’t be great quality and I still look forward to assembling the rest of the images. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps. Puzzle addict and PADS sufferer? Definitely! 🧩💗

Building Facades In Progress

Buildings IP
Building Facades by Iralu – Cardinal – 500 pieces

This particular puzzle from a family pack of twelve puzzles has seen me start and stop assembling it before. This is the third time I’ve started, and this time I’m finally going to get it done!

The quality of the 500 piece puzzles in this set is pretty bad, with thin pieces and a terrible fit. The finish is quite shiny as well, and causes quite a bit of glare. Those are the reasons for me starting this puzzle previously but then putting it away; I was NOT in the mood to deal with a bad quality puzzle before.

This time I feel myself being quite stubborn about it though, I really like the artwork and so I’m wanting to power through and get this one “done and dusted”, as they say. I’m not sure I can articulate why this time was the one and why I’ve got a bee in my bonnet to get this finished. I just know that’s how it’s going this time around.

Balconies in Bloom

Balconies in Bloom by Iralu – Cardinal – 300 pieces

I’ve had this set of 12 puzzles in a multipack since way before the world stopped rotating, and I sometimes forget that it’s sitting under the puzzle table. I’m glad I decided to find myself a 300 piece puzzle to assemble, because this one was really fun to do.

I put the box away and assembled it without help from the image, and had a fantastic time. It makes me want to put together the rest of the puzzles in this multipack because I just love the artwork! There are still four 500 piece puzzles, two 150 pieces, and one more 300 piece. They aren’t the best quality, but I knew that before I purchased them; it was all about these images by Iralu. You don’t see artwork like this on puzzles usually, and I absolutely adore it. 😍

I decided to show each of the balconies separately, they’re all pretty cool looking…

Balconies 1

Each one is very detailed and deserving of it’s own picture. There is coffee, wine, and/or cigarettes on every table.

Balconies 2

Everyone smokes in this tableau. Perhaps these are French balconies?

Balconies 3

This is my favorite of the four. You know me, I love the colors – especially the purple chairs! And I’m great with coffee at all hours of the day, keep it coming! ☕

Balconies 4

Wine AND coffee. Hmmm. Not a good combo for me. I’d much rather put some whiskey in my coffee – I am partly Irish after all. I’m not allowed to drink with all the pain meds I’m on, but an Irish coffee sounds really good right about now. 😎