Fairytale Cottage

Fairytale Cottage by Valentine Rekunenko – Artifact (Ecru) – 280 pieces

Isn’t this GORGEOUS? I think it is anyway. It’s been about a year since I completed this puzzle, so honestly there isn’t much I remember about it, but it’s still a beautiful image.

It was a very entertaining assembly according to my completed puzzles page from May of 2022 – apparently as soon as it was completed I was ready to assemble it again! Don’t you just love a puzzle that’s that much fun to put together?

Such great whimsies – as usual. From the genie and his magic lamp, prince charming, an elf, three bears (one of them didn’t make it to the photo shoot, but he’s in the puzzle, I swear), to Alice from Wonderland and more – fabulous fairytale whimsy pieces that fit this image perfectly!

The image is so wonderfully detailed, and the colors are fantastic.💜

I love to look at a well cut wooden puzzle from the back, it gives me a better appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making them – plus it makes for a very cool picture. 📸

5 thoughts on “Fairytale Cottage

  1. Anonymous

    I love Artifact Puzzles. I have more of them than I like to admit!
    I visited their location in Fremont, and got to see puzzle making. Fun fun to watch the process and see shelves and shelves of wooden puzzles. The smell is intoxicating. Also their Hoefnagel puzzle club has supplied my addiction without having to bust the bank.

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