American Girl – Josefina

American Girl – Josefina – Mattel – 150 pieces

This was quite a unique set of puzzles I haven’t seen before; they go along with the American Girl dolls and books. It comes with three puzzles that are 50 pieces each and a frame so that you can display whichever one you’re feeling like showing off at the moment. There’s only one frame to go with all 3 puzzles; you can assemble one puzzle at a time in the tray, place the clear cover over top of it and slide it into the frame.

They were pretty good quality, better than I expected. The pieces are on the thinner side, but are very sturdy, the finish is extremely shiny and hard to work with under artificial lights, but otherwise the reproduction is very nice and there are a good variety of shapes. Overall I was impressed because they were nicer than I thought they would be.

Love the blue dress, and that it looks like there are three generations of women here. 💗

I love the brightness of this one, and the beautiful colors. It was the easiest of the three to assemble.

I love her shawl, and the adorable little goat she’s cradling. So cute!

This is the frame that comes with this set of puzzles. If you had a child who enjoys the American Girl dolls/books/toys this might be a nice set of small puzzles for them. I found two sets of them at the thrift store, maybe you might get lucky and find some too!

6 thoughts on “American Girl – Josefina

  1. Beth

    Sorry to go completely off topic but I need to dish about puzzles. Buffalo just sent out another newsletter announcing the NOIR puzzle line which they describe as “an elevated puzzling experience by Buffalo Games.” After visiting the website (which is separate from Buffalo, I am completely baffled by the back-story and pricing. Who can afford to drop $32 on one 500-piece puzzle? Buffalo is one of my fave puzzle companies so it pains me that I am not enamored with their new sister company? sister brand? The back-story for Noir is just baffling.

    “NOIR was created in 2020 when two women who were both passionate about fashion, design, and puzzles saw that there was an opportunity to create a puzzle that is not only beautiful when assembled, but equally so when it sits in its box. Traditionally, books have found a place on coffee tables and shelves; whereas, puzzles often get hidden in a closet or later donated. While we welcome you to donate or share your puzzle with a friend, we hope that you enjoy these puzzles so much that they find a place in your home – put together and framed or displayed in the box on a coffee table.”

    Our coffee table style books are housed on book shelves so I guess I’m not the target audience for this new NOIR puzzle line as I don’t understand how a a puzzle box (or coffee table book) laying on a table can add to the mood and decor of a home 🤔

    I guess part of the elevated price is the fancy black chipboard, fancy box, and NOIR passport and sticker. Personally, I don’t need those things, I’m old school I guess, I just want good quality puzzle pieces in a sturdy plain ol’ puzzle box.

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      1. Beth

        I’m just not a fan of any of the NOIR images. While I can definitely appreciate a beautiful nature scene in person or even in a photograph or as desktop wallpaper on the computer, I don’t care for them as puzzle images, too tedius as too much blue sky, too much green grass, etc…. It wouldn’t be a fun puzzling experience for me as there would be so many puzzle pieces all one color or with just subtle differences.

        The only way I like puzzles like that is in a collage like this one:

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