Surprise Party for Pooh

Surprise Party for Pooh – Mattel – 24 pieces

Excellent quality kid’s puzzle by Mattel. It’s only a 24 piece puzzle and even though it literally took just a few minutes to assemble I still found it enjoyable. And who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?

This image has bright, fun colors and is appropriately easy enough for a 24 piece puzzle. The pieces are thick and sturdy and fit together amazingly well. Great quality!

These are the characters I remember from my childhood – they haven’t been “updated” thank goodness! I don’t care for the makeovers so many older Disney characters seem to be getting. In my opinion they should be left the way they were originally drawn. It makes me sad that the characters I remember so fondly from my childhood are different now or prettied up. Perhaps this is equivalent to “you kids turn that awful music down!” Some things seem better as they were in our memories.

Geez, I sound old! 😮


Going To Church

Going to Church by William H. Johnson – Mattel – 1000 pieces

This image jumped right out at me when Mom was showing me her latest thrift store haul, and it was the one I wanted to do first. Not only because the image is striking and interesting, but because the manufacturer was a new one for me, Mattel.

This artwork by William H. Johnson is compelling, and makes for an excellent jigsaw puzzle! It’s not as easy as it looks however, it was more difficult to assemble than I assumed. Surprisingly sturdy pieces with very nice image reproduction – I saw “Mattel” and thought they wouldn’t be very good quality (I was wrong, and shame on me). They weren’t as thick as Ravensburger, but the pieces were quite sturdy and there was a good variety of piece shapes.

The only issue I had with this puzzle was that the pieces fit together way too loosely. I work on a fabric board which helps stop pieces from sliding too much, but even with the fabric board the pieces were easily upset when bumped.

Although the puzzle wasn’t as easy as I’d assumed it was still great fun. I love working a thrift store puzzle that is something you wouldn’t necessarily choose and it ends up being more fun than you expected. It happens quite a bit, so I don’t know why I’m surprised every time. Thrift store puzzles rock! 😎