Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing by Jen Cameron – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This little cutie was harder than we thought it would be, but truly so much fun. Hubby enjoyed the challenge of it this time instead of leaving all the hard work to me; he told our daughter when she came to visit that “it is a hard one, but we’re both having fun”. Great puzzle!

It looks to me like Jen Cameron is the go-to artist at MicroPuzzles, so many of their images that I’ve assembled so far are her work. According to their website she is their “chief doodler and crayon evangelist” – what a fantastic title! Her work is always so colorful and interesting, I’ve completely enjoyed taking all the little pieces of her works of art and putting them back together again.

Whether we’re putting these micro puzzles together a few pieces at a time in our powder room or all in one sitting on my puzzle board, my love for these minis hasn’t dwindled at all. I’m a member of their subscription program and get two new puzzles every month – and I don’t see myself ending that any time soon. I’m still smitten with these little guys!💜

7 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. Beth

    That is a fantastic job title to have!

    I visited the micropuzzle website and noticed that they have a subscription box service! It seems you get two puzzles a month (like you already said) but extra goodies, perhaps in theme with the puzzle. Can you tell us about one of the puzzle boxes you’ve received so far?

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    1. The one I received for January was puzzle themed for National Puzzle Day on the 29th of the month. Along with the two puzzles I received a window sticker that says “Every Day is Puzzle Day” and a pair of socks with puzzle pieces all over them. Each month there is also a pamphlet showing the puzzle images and a the reason for the theme or a quiz about the theme.

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