Love – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and dads out there! I knew when I received this in my monthly MicroPuzzles subscription box that it was definitely the best puzzle I had on hand here at the house for Mother’s Day this year; and so I got right down to it in order to be ready for the “holiday”.

I knew the border would have to go last on this one. The letters were not easy, but they were much easier than all the white hearts, dots, and swoops – and definitely easier than that border! Still, it’s a beautiful puzzle, isn’t it?

My only request every Mother’s Day is always that I don’t have to take care of anyone or make any decisions. I don’t need gifts or breakfast in bed, those things just aren’t me.

My kids have all been adults now for well over a decade, and both my injury and my anxiety make it so that having them take me out to a restaurant for a meal isn’t pleasant for me. I’d much prefer to stay home, have my kids tell me they love me, and make sure that I don’t have to cook dinner. (I’m a cheap date!)

I hope your day is wonderful, and that all of my PADS Posse friends out there get to spend today doing something you love, or spending time with those you love. I appreciate all of you that hang out with me here every day – it’s truly a blessing to have so many puzzle pals. ❤

Happy puzzling my friends!

Exhibit A

Exhibit A – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This is a companion puzzle to Yeti for 2022 that I posted on New Year’s Day. Apparently it’s Exhibit A in making the case that the Yeti does exist.

The image made for a goldilocks assembly; not too easy, not too difficult – it was just right. The quality was very good, as is usual for this brand. The fit can sometimes feel loose when you’re assembling it, but once you’ve got it together it stays together. You can pick up the finished puzzle, stand it on it’s end, even carry it around and it isn’t coming apart unless you take it apart.

Like the puzzle for New Year’s, this one also had an image on the back….

I always enjoy a double sided image. A close look at the back of this puzzle will show you that there is not one piece that is just all red; there is a bit of snowflake or the dots in between on every single piece. If you wanted to, you could assemble the back on it’s own as well. ❄

Let’s All Go To The Lobby!

Let’s All Go To The Lobby! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I put this one together by myself in the puzzle room the day after I received my subscription box. It was so colorful and reminded me of my younger days going to the drive-in with the whole family – plus it’s a 3D puzzle! I know it’s a little wonky looking without the 3D glasses, but it was still loads of fun to assemble.

Any of my fellow oldsters remember seeing this at the movies back in the day? I can still sing that song all these years later and remember the hot dog doing a backflip into the bun. We used to all pile into my parents van and go to the drive-in theater. My parents explained to us that it wasn’t a true drive-in experience if you didn’t sneak someone in – so my sisters and I laid flat on the floor in the back of the van trying not to giggle – and we usually failed. My parents being who they were I’m certain they actually paid for us all, but wanted us to have some extra fun trying to sneak in. Ah…..memories. 💗

Back to the actual puzzle! Like the puzzles in the New Year’s box, this one also had an image on the back….

Perfect for watching a 3D movie don’t you think? Love it!

I’ve been a member of the MicroPuzzles subscription program since late last year. I decided that I was worth it, and making myself happy with these puzzles every month was definitely beneficial to my mental health. (Plus, there’s my P.A.D.S. diagnosis to think about too). Every month I receive a themed box with two exclusive puzzles that are only available by subscription and a surprise gift.

This month was a movie theme – Lights, Camera…..Puzzle! There were two movie themed puzzles, including the 3D puzzle shown above, a pair of 3D glasses with which to enjoy the puzzle image, and a small box of buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Bellys. It also comes with a small booklet that talks about the month’s theme and shows the puzzle images; this month that also included a small quiz about 3D movies. This is my favorite month so far!

Since I’ve started receiving these boxes every month not only have I received beautiful and interesting puzzles to assemble; I’ve gotten a puzzle piece shaped Christmas ornament, a refrigerator magnet, a sticker for my car, a pair of puzzle socks, and now my favorite flavor of Jelly Bellys and some cool 3D glasses. I’m not subscribing for the gifts, but they are definitely a fun bonus. I can’t wait to see what shows up next month. 😎


Candy – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This little one took a long time; it was difficult but enjoyable. You might think with all those bright colors and different candies that it wouldn’t be that challenging at all – I know I thought that. I was wrong.

It proved to test my brain power a little bit, and although it took a while longer than expected it was still lots of fun. Finding where a small section went on my own without checking the picture was quite satisfying – you know what I mean. Figuring out where a certain part is placed in the puzzle with no help from the image at all gives me a small measure of self-satisfaction – I’m not explaining it well but I hope some of you understand.

Great little puzzle!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing by Jen Cameron – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This little cutie was harder than we thought it would be, but truly so much fun. Hubby enjoyed the challenge of it this time instead of leaving all the hard work to me; he told our daughter when she came to visit that “it is a hard one, but we’re both having fun”. Great puzzle!

It looks to me like Jen Cameron is the go-to artist at MicroPuzzles, so many of their images that I’ve assembled so far are her work. According to their website she is their “chief doodler and crayon evangelist” – what a fantastic title! Her work is always so colorful and interesting, I’ve completely enjoyed taking all the little pieces of her works of art and putting them back together again.

Whether we’re putting these micro puzzles together a few pieces at a time in our powder room or all in one sitting on my puzzle board, my love for these minis hasn’t dwindled at all. I’m a member of their subscription program and get two new puzzles every month – and I don’t see myself ending that any time soon. I’m still smitten with these little guys!💜