Rainbow Umbrellas

Rainbow Umbrellas by Lena – Buffalo – 300 pieces

This was an excellent quality puzzle, but it was definitely not as easy as it looked – which was a bonus if you ask me. All in all quite a fun image to assemble, and a little challenging for me as 300 piece puzzles go.

The image is the draw here for me, as we all know I adore bright colors. The reproduction was loud and bold and I loved it. As usual, the quality of this Buffalo puzzle was excellent on all counts with the only issue at all being a bit too much puzzle dust. I don’t consider that much of a problem though, it’s easily dealt with and doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the assembly in the slightest.

I absolutely LOVE the grilled pineapple raft! How cute is that?

The donut with a bite out of it is adorable, and love the rainbow float as well.

Beautiful puzzle image with great quality pieces and fit – what more could a puzzle geek ask for?

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Umbrellas

  1. Beth

    I saw this exact puzzle at (of all places) the grocery store recently! It is a lovely bright and colorful puzzle, seeing your write up about it makes me wonder if I should go back and check to see if it’s still there 😉

    P.S. Did you already finish the Great American Novel puzzle? I see that the image has changed for what’s on your board.

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      1. Beth

        Yup, I remembered that tab after posting that comment. I feel the same way about Re-marks book collages. For some reason, for a 1000 piece puzzle, the book collages seem to come together quicker than their other collage puzzles.

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