Quilt Country

Quilt Country by Lena – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Beautiful, bright, colorful, and interesting – it made for a fantastic puzzle, and a fantastic puzzling experience! Hubby helped out with the border, even though I was trying to get away from him for a few minutes and puzzle alone with my music and my thoughts. Sigh.

This was a MasterPieces linen puzzle, and it was very good quality. Thick and sturdy pieces, very good fit, nice variety of shapes and beautiful reproduction. Only issue was that the pieces didn’t sit flat – in many places parts were slightly raised compared to surrounding ones.

There was a small blurb about the artist on the back of the box, and I was surprised to learn that Lena is a young Ukrainian illustrator and concept artist who produces a wide spectrum of art in differing styles including illustrations for films, games and advertising (in addition to her beautiful artwork shown here).

Of course you know I couldn’t resist this adorable little puppy. ❤

I didn’t notice it at all when I looked at the box cover, or when I was sorting – even the inside of the barn has quilts everywhere – including the ceiling!

I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but it’s beautiful. The colors are amazing!

Rainbow Umbrellas

Rainbow Umbrellas by Lena – Buffalo – 300 pieces

This was an excellent quality puzzle, but it was definitely not as easy as it looked – which was a bonus if you ask me. All in all quite a fun image to assemble, and a little challenging for me as 300 piece puzzles go.

The image is the draw here for me, as we all know I adore bright colors. The reproduction was loud and bold and I loved it. As usual, the quality of this Buffalo puzzle was excellent on all counts with the only issue at all being a bit too much puzzle dust. I don’t consider that much of a problem though, it’s easily dealt with and doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the assembly in the slightest.

I absolutely LOVE the grilled pineapple raft! How cute is that?

The donut with a bite out of it is adorable, and love the rainbow float as well.

Beautiful puzzle image with great quality pieces and fit – what more could a puzzle geek ask for?