Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland by Jen Cameron – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This was one of the more difficult mini puzzles. Much more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Hubby and I both enjoyed it immensely though; there’s something about working with the small pieces, and only working a little bit at a time. So entertaining!

There is constantly a puzzle going on in our bathroom, and I love that it’s always there when I need a break from whichever puzzle is on my board. I also enjoy being able to share the assembly with my husband even though we aren’t working on it at the same time.

MicroPuzzles can sometimes have a fit that’s slightly loose, but for the most part it’s a very good fit. So much so that…..

I can do this with all their puzzles, but I thought it was time I actually took a picture of it. MicroPuzzles make excellent puzzles and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them so far.

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