Geometric by Josie Lewis – Buffalo – 500 pieces

Unfortunately I did not enjoy this puzzle as much as I’d hoped. The image was difficult; I knew it would be, but it was just not entertaining for me at all. I think because it was one of the first puzzles back after dealing with a serious medical issue and being stuck in bed most of the day for almost two weeks. My brain just couldn’t seem to get in gear and I felt stupid and slow trying to assemble it.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the quality, the quality was excellent.

I started with the reds/pinks…

Then the purple/blue pieces…

Greens and yellows were last.

I should have known better, but I got sucked into the pretty picture. I need to remember this puzzle the next time a beautiful gradient image catches my eye. Gradient puzzles are so interesting and gorgeous to me, but many times they’re much more difficult than they look.

Or it could be that I’m losing my touch.

12 thoughts on “Geometric

  1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

    For me, this is what I call “tear inducing” puzzles. Yes the images are so pretty but the are so difficult to put together.

    I’ve been seeing all these great sidebar images of “what’s on my board” and totally forgot until just now that you do little previews of what’s to come for future posts in your completed menu tabs at the top of your page. After that horrible Page Publications puzzle from December, I got a good laugh at what you wrote about the Salvador Dali puzzle: “What a fantastic puzzle to follow up the sh*t-show of the previous one….”

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      1. Anonymous Puzzle Person

        Perhaps but it was nice that you used the * to censor yourself 😉 But I like that you are straight-forward, honest, and tell it like it is 😉

        I’ve noticed you’ve been having quality issues with the Re-marks puzzles you’ve been assembling lately 😦 I do very much like that brand and hope they aren’t taking a quality turn for the worse 😦 We’ll see how my umbrella/rainy-day puzzle assembly goes (box is still sealed) and how that quality is. I still have quite a few Remarks puzzles on my wish list.

        Did you ever assemble this Remarks puzzle? It’s one of my most favorites. (As with all their box covers, there’s much more to the puzzle image than what is shown.)

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  2. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it, it looks like something I would like. Sometimes I feel it’s just bad timing, both with movies and puzzles – I know I’ve very much liked movies that didn’t impress me when I first saw them. I don’t think I’ve ever given a puzzle a second chance, though 🙂

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  3. I actually like gradients in jigsaws, for me they tend to make things a bit easier. I did a puzzle once that was called something like 1000 – and had 1000 different colours in a big spectrum of colour. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. So when they put out a 5000 piece version we got that.. except the quality was *terrible* and even had a missing piece *gasp*. If the quality had been good I would have given them the benefit of the doubt that I’d just lost it myself, but given how bad it was, I’m pretty sure it was never there.

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