Vortex Spiral Tunnel

Vortex Spiral Tunnel – Wentworth (Mini Mindful) – 40 pieces

This little beauty was MUCH harder than it looks, at least it was for me. Once half of it was finished I realized I had to start all over; both the repetitive tessellating pieces and the image gave me a run for my money! It’s beautiful though, and conquering it gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

The Mini Mindful puzzles from Wentworth have been very enjoyable to assemble. The interesting cut of the pieces and the great images make for an almost meditative experience. They truly do make you slow down and be more mindful of what you’re doing and in the moment. Loved it! 🧡

When I was done I disassembled it and put it in the powder room for hubby to do; he saw the pieces and loved that they were geometric. When he brought it to me once it was finished he said he would have preferred either the same image with regular pieces, or the geometric pieces with an easier image.

Apparently the two of them together put him to the test as well. 😇

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