Christmas Town – Day 3

Christmas Town by Joseph Holodook – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Sorry the picture above doesn’t seem to be in focus, I don’t know why it went unnoticed – usually I check to be certain there is a good picture before I take any puzzle apart.

I hope you’re enjoying these little puzzles, they truly were enjoyable to assemble. They’re so detailed too, there must have been quite a bit of work that went into each one.

This image reminds me of reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her chapters about sugaring off the maple sap and this image remind me of how much work went into turning tree sap into syrup or sugar. Not only did you have to collect the sap, you had to boil it off; no electric burners either, you had to cut down trees and split the wood to make the fires to boil it down. It was hard work. If I had to put that much work into it you can be sure I’d be using the sugar and syrup sparingly; there would be no cavalier dumping of large amounts of syrup onto my pancakes!

Does anyone know what I mean, or is that just my weird brain again?

What a cute little bridge! This scene reminds me that I’m not an ice skater. I did try it once. Once. My poor ankles were just not strong enough for balancing on a single blade, there was a LOT of falling down involved. My friend suggested ankle supports for the next time, but there was no next time. (At least I gave it a try though, right?)

The outdoors has never been my thing – give me a heated or air conditioned room with a book or a puzzle anyday.

Isn’t this a perfect little Christmas image? Pretty. Not my style, but pretty.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Town – Day 3

  1. I totally get the Little House on the Prairie vibe from that first image. Can you just imagine what Laura Ingalls and her family would have thought if they’d had a bottle of Log Cabin or Pearl Milling Company syrup on their table for breakfast? LOL

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  2. Deb

    Just so cute. You are so right – we consider it a pain when we have to run to the store for more syrup let alone tap a tree and all the other things! Funny you mentioned Little House. I had never read that series so two summers ago I decided to catch up on the classics. Fun to escape to their world for awhile.

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