Christmas Town – Day 2

Christmas Town by Joseph Holodook – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

These little Christmas puzzles are perfect for sitting down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and having some “me time” with a beautiful little holiday puzzle. Unfortunately we don’t have any snow down here in Florida, so it doesn’t feel much like the holidays for me; but at least these puzzles can give me a little bit of the feeling of the snowy Christmases of my youth.

I don’t think we’ll ever be used to having warm weather at Christmastime! I’m still a northerner in my heart. 💗

This image makes me wonder – what did an antique shop look like back in the late 19th century, or even the early 20th century? That’s something I would have loved to have been able to see. Imagine the inventory they must have had!

These images have me thinking about life back in the “olden days”. I’m imagining how much work must have gone into just going somewhere. We’re so used to the immediacy of our modern lives, if we want to go to the store we can just hop in our cars or whatever transportation we have available and off we go. Imagine having to hitch up the horse(s) to a wagon or sleigh before you can leave! And then having to travel out in the weather, no enclosed spaces with heat or air conditioning. Yikes. I think we forget how easy we have it sometimes – I know I sure do.

What a beautiful house this is. Imagine decorating all those windows and trees in the yard – I think I’d be in a bah humbug mood if I had to get all bundled up to go outside and put up all those holiday decorations!

I know I don’t do many of the Christmas images that most people enjoy so much; so I hope you’re enjoying these little ones as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Town – Day 2

  1. Deb

    Yes, enjoying them I am! I like the last puzzle. I would love to be a guest for a big Christmas feast at that beautifully decorated home. I live way north – no snow in our Christmas forecast. Bittersweet – so pretty but hate to drive in it!

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