Do I Look Merry?

Do I Look Merry
Do I Look Merry? – Brother Sister – 100 pieces

Well? Does he? As the pet parent of a Boston Terrier I can tell you that this look says “Why are you doing this to me? Can we please get this stupid picture over with?” So the title I’ve given this silly, sweet puzzle has been shortened from what it is in my mind. When I look at it, what I hear in my head is “Do I Look Freakin’ Merry to You?”.

This is the second – and last – Christmas puzzle I assembled for Christmas in July. I normally try to do a few Christmas puzzles every July, but I just wasn’t feeling it this year. But the fact that this adorable image is a Boston Terrier and that it was only 100 pieces made the decision pretty easy. This is my kind of Christmas image!

Brother Sister Design Studio is a brand/trademark of Hobby Lobby. As I don’t shop there for personal reasons, this is the first puzzle from this brand that I’ve assembled. For a store brand it was better quality that I thought it would be – I would characterize the quality as good.  Although as I’ve only assembled this one puzzle I cannot make a final determination on the brand’s overall quality.

I enjoyed the assembly very much, mostly because of the adorable image; and I was surprised by the detail you could make out in the reflection from the dog’s eye…

Do I Look Merry 1

You can see the room where the picture was taken in this reflection! It jumped out at me while I was assembling the eyes, so I had to take a closeup to show you. The image reproduction was the best part of the quality in my opinion, although the finish was quite shiny and made assembling the darker parts a little more difficult under the artificial lighting at my puzzle table.

So, as this pup would probably say, “Happy freakin’ Christmas in July.” 🎅

Jingle Bell Teddy & Friends

Jingle Bell Teddy & Friends by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

And so it is that we have come to the last of the holiday puzzles for this year – Hooray! I actually really liked this image, and found it quite entertaining to assemble. So farewell Santa, we’ll be seeing you here on My Jigsaw Journal around December of 2020!

This is another puzzle that was purchased much earlier in the year by mom at the thrift store, and I’ve kept it around to assemble closer to the holidays. Sometimes I get a little bored with the Wysocki images, to me they can all seem a little similar; but this one is quite different and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

This puzzle shows Santa Claus in some of his many other incarnations: Father Christmas, St. Nick, Pere Noel, etc. They were fun to assemble, and I liked the look of all of them except for one, there’s an ornament, and the look of it seems a little creepy to me…

Teddy 1

I know, I’m used to the sugary sweet Coca-Cola American version and many other countries and cultures have a much different image of Santa. He’s not always a jolly old elf, in some places he’s rather stern looking. Still, there’s something about this ornament that seems odd in some way – it wasn’t my favorite for sure.

Teddy 2

The lovely looking Santa with a green suit in a boat, he makes me smile. I’m not sure if this is a version of Santa from another country or if he only lives in the mind of Charles Wysocki, but I think he’s completely adorable!

This thrift store puzzle was complete, and I told mom when she brought it over that I would be assembling it this Christmas. And so I have kept my word. It was a lovely puzzle to assemble at 2 am when I couldn’t sleep and the house was quiet.

It kept this old lady off the streets and out of trouble. 😉