Checking it Twice

Checking it Twice by Terry Good – Wentworth – 25 pieces

Another beautiful micro puzzle from Wentworth, this is one of their “Cracker Puzzles” that come in an organza bag inside a Christmas cracker shaped box. Perfect for stocking stuffers, or just a fun treat for yourself!

The quality of these Wentworth puzzles is excellent, I’ve never had a problem with any of their products as far as I can remember. The only time I’ve ever contacted customer service was when I didn’t know what the shape of one of their whimsies was. (It was a symbol for the London Tube *their subway system*) They were very nice in responding to my odd request and got back to me right away. 👍

Wentworth micro puzzles are a godsend when I’m feeling awful and in bed; I can still work on a puzzle and take my mind off of things. All I need is a small cookie sheet lined with paper and I can puzzle while in bed. Because they’re so helpful to me when I can’t sit in front of my puzzle table I’m always happy to order myself a bunch of their small puzzles once a year; I try to get every single one whose image speaks to me. I’m totally worth it!

The artwork by Terry Good is so beautiful, and it would make a fantastic puzzle of any size – all the way up to 1000 pieces. There’s so much detail, and even though the colors seem slightly muted they’re still bright enough to make a captivating image.

Look at these cute whimsies; the detail Wentworth etches into them make them even more special. Most whimsy pieces are just the outline of an image or figure, but they go the extra mile and give them detail – love them!

6 thoughts on “Checking it Twice

  1. Deb

    Sometimes when I’m looking for a puzzle to do in a small area, I’ll hit the dollar store. Quality isn’t that great but the pieces are small and hey, it’s a dollar! And yup they fit on a cookie sheet when I want to curl up on my couch instead of sitting at a table. Cute picture on the one you completed!

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      1. Deb

        The brand is Puzzlebug. The 100 piece puzzles are 9×11. The 500 piece puzzles are 18×11 and those I can fit on a small cork bulletin board I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Small enough to fit on my lap yet sturdy enough not to bend and because of the cork texture the pieces don’t slide around. The pieces are a thinner cardboard but that doesn’t bother me. Like I said, one dollar!

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