The Seven Chakras – Eagle Update #2

Well, I received my re-worked eagle chakra puzzle, and have finally succeeded in assembling the multipiece whimsy that represents the eagle itself – triumph!

I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received from Liberty Puzzles, and am grateful for both their assistance with this problem and their fantastic puzzles. Once my request alerted them to my dilemma with the eagle chakra, they wasted no time in communicating with me and resolving the issue. If you ask me, they get an A+ for excellent customer service.

So, here’s the picture that tens of readers have been waiting for – all of the whimsies from the eagle puzzle – including the multipiece representation of an eagle……

See that eagle above our woman in the lotus position? That’s the little bugger that caused me so much grief; I had all the proper pieces pulled, I just couldn’t get them to fit together properly. But a little tweak from the puzzle designer to correct a slight miscalculation and voilà! Success!

This puzzle set was so fun and interesting to assemble, and I’ve also received a hint about how they all connect together (which was what I suspected you could do when it was put together the first time). So I will definitely be working with these beautiful puzzles again, especially so that I can try to connect them all together in the proper order.

And when I do, I will take a picture of the seven of them attached together as one – to show you these amazing puzzles again, and how much intricate design goes into one of their creations.

I’m still astonished by this set of stunning wooden puzzles and how much thought went into their composition and construction. Absolutely sensational!

The Seven Chakras – Eagle Update

So, after many attempts to put together the multipiece eagle, and failing every time – I finally broke down and emailed Liberty Puzzles to see if they could give me some help. After exchanging several emails with members of their customer service team I have quite the update for you.

The customer service I received was PHENOMENAL, let me tell you that right away. They replied to my email within five minutes and were more than happy to offer whatever assistance they could. One of their excellent customer service team said that he sat down to assemble the eagle himself so that he could take a picture to send to me, and then that’s where it gets interesting. This is a quote from his email….

“Good news / bad news for you . . . it turns out that there was a design flaw and that multipiece whimsy does not actually fit together. I think you were probably doing it correctly but that the top piece just wouldn’t fit. ….Sorry for the trick we didn’t know we were playing on you and congratulations on figuring it out!

Hooray! Here I thought that my pain medications and hot flashes were dumbing down and quick-boiling my brain cells to death, and it turns out it wasn’t my fault! I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that. Honestly, nothing they could have told me would have made me happier.

The artist who designs their pieces will be “tweaking” the design a bit so that the eagle whimsy will work the way it’s supposed to, and they will be sending out a replacement eagle puzzle. I’m thrilled with their solution, and so thankful for their willingness to help.

Even before they knew there was a problem, someone stopped their day and sat down to assemble the whimsy pieces – just to take a picture to send to me. That is exceptional customer service!

Apparently they’ve sold a good number of this puzzle, but I was the first to figure out that each contains a separate multipiece representation and that there was an issue with the eagle. I’m certain there was a lot of thought and planning that went into the design for each of the chakra puzzles, and along the way apparently something got “inadvertently nudged” and the top piece of the eagle doesn’t quite fit – but just barely.

Anyway, I promised an update about the eagle whimsy. And here it is. Once I receive the new puzzle I will definitely assemble it and show it to you. I did tell them that there was absolutely no rush in sending the replacement. I’m certain they’re swamped with holiday orders and because that one email made me feel so much better, I’m more than happy to wait until after the holidays.

And I’m happy I’ve still got some functioning brain matter! 😎

The P.A.D.S. is strong with me. Even I didn’t know how bummed I was that the eagle had defeated me; that is, not until I learned that it was a design flaw. The relief and happiness that washed over me …. I can’t even describe it.

I have the most severe case of P.A.D.S. ever!

The Seven Chakras – Day 7

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – approx. 94/661 pieces

This is the 7th chakra, Sahasrara, and it is the crown chakra. It was the second of these puzzles that I assembled – because of that fantastic color, it jumped right out at me. Absolutely gorgeous!

Today’s word is dazzling, this image is truly dazzling – the colors are perfection. Phil Lewis is an artist from Boulder, Colorado, where Liberty Puzzles is located. What a fantastic marriage of artist and puzzle maker! Another of his images is one of my favorite puzzles, Sugar Magnolia. (One of these days I should make a list of my top 10 or 20 puzzles ever assembled, that would be an interesting exercise, wouldn’t it?)

Dazzling! I love the images with deeper colors, because it’s more difficult to see the piece shapes in the finished puzzle unless you flip it over. I find that I prefer darker images in wooden puzzles because it’s harder to see the piece shapes, then it seems more like artwork than a puzzle – at least from the front. But even when the pieces are very evident, it’s the enjoyment of the assembly that matters most to me. And these seven little puzzles have given me so much joy!

For all of these puzzles the piece shapes are almost invisible, so I wanted you to see the amazing shapes and cutting by flipping them over. It’s always so interesting to see intricately cut wooden puzzles from the back don’t you think?

We have the final three yoga poses, what looks like the sun, and our chakra symbol inside. The lotus was the easiest multipiece whimsy for me to assemble, good thing it’s one of the first ones I did. I’m not sure I would have gotten that lion put together if it had been first – it was much more difficult! (And we all know what happened with the eagle 😳)

I had the best time putting all of these puzzles together, and am so thankful for my sweet, sweet husband who gave me this beautiful gift.

You may come off like a tough guy to rest of the world, but you’re the most thoughtful and kind man I know, and you would do anything to make me happy. I love you to puzzle pieces! 💖🧩

The Seven Chakras – Day 6

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – approx. 94/661 pieces

I mean, what is there left to say? Today’s word from the thesaurus is striking; this is a striking image, and the puzzle that goes along with it is complex and amazing.

This is the 6th chakra, Ajna, and it is the third eye chakra.

These puzzles are wonderful to work with – compelling even – and the quality is amazing. They’re more expensive than some, but in my mind they’re worth every penny. I know they’re not for everyone, and they’re not in everyone’s budget. But I don’t feel bad about asking for this for my birthday, it makes me happy. Once a year on my birthday or for Christmas isn’t too much to ask for a little bit of joy. 😊

I must confess that although it looks like there are pieces that will make an eagle, I wasn’t able to figure it out. I got the bottom half of it assembled, but couldn’t get the entire thing constructed. There is definitely an eagle there somehow, I just couldn’t figure out the whole thing. I’m blaming pain and exhaustion and my doped up brain; being on painkillers 24/7 seems to have whittled away at my intelligence.

To be honest I felt a little defeated by it. It was a bad day. But I’m not giving up!

I may pull out this puzzle (I’ve stored each one separately wrapped up in tissue paper) and give it a go on a day where I’m feeling like all cylinders are firing. If I figure it out I’ll post it, I promise. And if after several tries it still isn’t coming together – I can always email Liberty to see if they can give me some help. 🦅

Even without a multipiece eagle there were still plenty of whimsies to pull and show. I really do love these puzzles. 💟

The Seven Chakras – Day 5

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – approx. 94/661 pieces

This is the fifth chakra, Vishudda, the throat chakra. Isn’t it beautiful? I absolutely adore the look of this one, it’s …. breathtaking. In my opinion Phil Lewis creates unbelievably magnificent art. 🦁

I need to find different adjectives to describe these puzzles; when I look at them the only word that comes to mind is stunning. You’ve heard that already – a lot. I’ll pick a new word each day for the rest of the puzzles.

Spectacular. That’s our word for today. This one is spectacular; the detail, the color, everything about it. You can see in the detail of this image why each puzzle deserves it’s own post. I couldn’t just show a picture of all seven of the puzzles together and bypass the amazing detail in each image. This is one of my favorites; but honestly, they’re all pretty …. spectacular.

So much detail and care put into the piece shapes and making both regular and multipiece whimsies. What a great team they have at Liberty Puzzles! Three more yoga poses, more bits and baubles.

The piece shapes themselves and the design of each puzzle are as much a piece of art as the image itself.

When looking through the pieces after first opening the puzzle, I found the “leg” and said it must be part of a larger character, but after hubby looked at it for a bit he showed me that it was someone laying on the floor with their legs up (shoulder stand?). Very cool!

The lion whimsy took me FOREVER to figure out. I knew he was there, but working out how it all went together required a bit a brain power (which I am sometimes lacking). It’s something else though, isn’t it? The use of negative space here is ….. spectacular. And boy, was I proud of myself when it finally clicked – I figured it out!

Each of these puzzles is truly amazing! I feel as though my use of exclamation marks is getting excessive when writing about these puzzles.

But, damn! They’re so incredible! 😎