Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia
Sugar Magnolia by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – 881 pieces

Well, here it is, the post that tens of readers have been waiting for – my completed birthday puzzle! It is without a doubt the most beautiful and entertaining puzzle I’ve ever assembled – absolutely fantastic!

Sugar Magnolia whimsies

These are almost all of the whimsies, they’re so beautiful! Laser cutting makes it easier to cut such wonderfully interesting and detailed whimsies; it’s always so much fun to go through all the pieces and find them.

I started with the red flowers, then moved on to the orange-ish colors. It was very slow going because of my surgery and the recovery, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every single piece.

Once I got the bottom done, it was easier to work upwards and figure out what the edges looked like. The artwork by Phil Lewis is so stunning, and it makes for a fabulous puzzle image!

There are so many beautiful areas of this puzzle, it was difficult to choose what close-ups to photograph. I truly had the best time with this one, I’m so thankful hubby picked this one for my present. ❤ He has good taste. (Well of course he does, he picked an awesome wife!)

There’s so much stuff you can’t see until it’s completely assembled and you flip it over. I definitely didn’t find all those skeleton pieces when I first sorted the puzzle, and that gorgeous flower in the center of the puzzle isn’t visible until it’s complete. So pretty!

There aren’t enough adjectives to tell you how happy this puzzle made me, and how much I enjoyed it. It was the best!

It’s Taking Soooo Long!

Sugar Magnolia 2
I want to finish it!

Sugar Magnolia is taking soooo long! It has nothing to do with the puzzle itself, I’ve just been unable to sit in front of it long enough to make any substantial progress; fifteen minutes yesterday was all I could handle. 😕

It’s so beautiful, the pieces are wonderfully fun and entertaining to work with, and I’m unbelievably happy to have it – but it’s been 16 days now since it’s arrived and I would really love to see it finished! Yesterday I was able to put together the largest butterflies in the section above (one on each side of the puzzle). It’s coming together, though my progress is much slower than I’d like.

Ok, enough whining about it. Time to put on my big girl panties and get to work!