The Seven Chakras – Day 5

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – approx. 94/661 pieces

This is the fifth chakra, Vishudda, the throat chakra. Isn’t it beautiful? I absolutely adore the look of this one, it’s …. breathtaking. In my opinion Phil Lewis creates unbelievably magnificent art. 🦁

I need to find different adjectives to describe these puzzles; when I look at them the only word that comes to mind is stunning. You’ve heard that already – a lot. I’ll pick a new word each day for the rest of the puzzles.

Spectacular. That’s our word for today. This one is spectacular; the detail, the color, everything about it. You can see in the detail of this image why each puzzle deserves it’s own post. I couldn’t just show a picture of all seven of the puzzles together and bypass the amazing detail in each image. This is one of my favorites; but honestly, they’re all pretty …. spectacular.

So much detail and care put into the piece shapes and making both regular and multipiece whimsies. What a great team they have at Liberty Puzzles! Three more yoga poses, more bits and baubles.

The piece shapes themselves and the design of each puzzle are as much a piece of art as the image itself.

When looking through the pieces after first opening the puzzle, I found the “leg” and said it must be part of a larger character, but after hubby looked at it for a bit he showed me that it was someone laying on the floor with their legs up (shoulder stand?). Very cool!

The lion whimsy took me FOREVER to figure out. I knew he was there, but working out how it all went together required a bit a brain power (which I am sometimes lacking). It’s something else though, isn’t it? The use of negative space here is ….. spectacular. And boy, was I proud of myself when it finally clicked – I figured it out!

Each of these puzzles is truly amazing! I feel as though my use of exclamation marks is getting excessive when writing about these puzzles.

But, damn! They’re so incredible! 😎

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