The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – 661 pieces

This is the puzzle my husband gave me for my birthday this year, and it’s bleeping amazing! When assembly started on the first of the seven puzzles my thought was that there would be just one post showing all of them together. Nope. There’s so much going on with each small puzzle that I decided right away that each puzzle needed it’s own post.

There are multipiece whimsies in each puzzle that are near impossible to pick out unless you see the puzzle assembled, and even then I wasn’t able to find and figure them all out. So, my usual routine of picking out all the whimsies and taking one big picture before assembly just wasn’t gonna cut it this time. It may need to be assembled more than once. (Such a hardship! 😎)

Seven small puzzles mixed together in one box – that’s all the description said about this puzzle. There is much, much more to say! So buckle up buckaroos, there are seven more posts about this puzzle, with plenty of details and amazing shapes to see. This post was just to give you background info on this puzzle; each chakra/puzzle will be getting it’s own post to show you the image close up, the elaborate whimsies, and the view from the back.

Also, all pictures are taken with my phone and try as I may the images do NOT do justice to the colors, they are bright and deep and overall just stunning. Genuinely stunning.

6 thoughts on “The Seven Chakras

  1. Sandra

    I told my family that I would love this puzzle set for Christmas! So, I am excited to see more about the individual puzzles. Will you also tell us whether all the pieces are in one jumble vs. separated for each of the 7?

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