Gingerbread Jumpers

Gingerbread Jumpers by Cobble Hill Puzzles – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Although this puzzle is named Gingerbread Jumpers in this Wentworth version, Cobble Hill’s puzzle (in a 1000 pieces) is named Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Whether you call them jumpers or sweaters, it’s a great puzzle image – and I have to say, whatever bakery Cobble Hill uses for these cookie puzzles does AMAZING work!

I chose this puzzle for the first day of Hanukkah, because it’s the only holiday puzzle I have that isn’t only Christmas or generic winter themed – there’s a blue “jumper” with a menorah on it so it’s the puzzle for today.

There have been several of these cookie puzzles from Cobble Hill, Sugar Skulls and Easter Eggs come to mind, and they’re always so much fun. I haven’t done this image in a larger piece count, but I couldn’t resist it in the micro puzzle size from Wentworth, it’s just too adorable! (Plus, there’s so much green in this image I thought it would be much easier in a smaller piece count puzzle)

There’s not much more I can say about Wentworth puzzles, you’ve heard it all before. They’re fantastic quality wooden puzzles and I love assembling just about any image they’ve got. Mostly I get their micro puzzles because I’m in bed a lot due to my chronic pain issues, and their small puzzles are perfect for assembling on a cookie sheet while I’m laid up. They’re more expensive than cardboard puzzles (obviously), so I usually only splurge once in a while; but when I order them I always get quite a few, to make the shipping from across the pond worth it. 😉

The reindeer is very cute, as is the snowman; and love that they’ve put a “jumper” in here too. I think I like the word jumper better than sweater. It sounds happier, “I’m putting on a jumper!” Is that just me?

My mind is weird – welcome to my world.

It’s a little chilly here today, has anyone seen my jumper? 😁

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Hanukkah! I’m sending out wishes for a joyous eight-day festival, and a lifetime of light. 🕎

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