Review: Sugar Skull Cookies

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Sugar Skull Cookies – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

I REALLY like sugar skulls! Though sugar skulls are used to decorate gravestones for The Day of the Dead in Mexico, they’ve become a popular image in western culture, especially for Halloween decorations. I love them because they’re beautiful and interesting, and represent a holiday that celebrates the lives of friends and loved ones instead of mourning them.  So – did I want to review this puzzle? Absolutely!

Sugar Skull Cookies was extremely enjoyable to assemble; I loved that it wasn’t too easy and had a great time working color by color and seeing all the cookies take shape. Surprisingly it didn’t make me hungry for cookies!

Cobble Hill puzzles are excellent quality and I never hesitate when buying one. The pieces are thick and linen covered which provides a great feel in your hand, and they fit together well with a random cut that makes for an interesting assembly. Their image reproduction is beautiful, and they have a great catalog of puzzles to choose from. Click the link above to see all the Cobble Hill puzzles in stock now at Puzzle Warehouse.

There was a bit of puzzle dust in the bag, and a few pieces still connected or with bits of paper hanging off the back. It wasn’t too bad, but can be annoying when you’re trying to sort, etc. The box says that the puzzle is random cut, but it seemed more grid cut to me – there were some odd shapes – perhaps it’s semi-random? Anyway, a good variety of piece shapes and they fit together very well. The image reproduction is detailed and beautiful with a gorgeous matte linen finish that feels good in your hand. The box is about average size for a 1000 piece puzzle with the name of the puzzle, manufacturer, piece count on all 4 sides; 2 sides have a small complete image and 2 sides have a small partial image making it easy to shelve either way for collectors.

This was about a medium difficulty puzzle. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for anything too simple or too challenging, this puzzle falls right about in the middle. I started with the pink, red, green, and blue cookies, working them one color at a time. I hadn’t worked a Cobble Hill puzzle in a while and it was nice to work with such lovely pieces on such a fun image.

These cookies are so beautifully decorated that I don’t know if I’d be able to eat them. Looking at all the sweets/candy puzzles available at Puzzle Warehouse, there are so many puzzles that look both deliciously fun and just plain delicious! Every time I review a puzzle I look at similar puzzles and end up adding several of them to my wishlist – the total cost of my wishlist right now is over $600! 😮 I’ve added several sweets puzzles today, including another cookie collage from Cobble Hill called Ugly Xmas Sweaters that looks like so much fun!

Sugar Skull Cookies was an excellent quality puzzle with an image that made for an extremely fun assembly. It wasn’t too easy or too difficult; it was Goldilocks – just right! If this image is one you like, it’s definitely recommended. 👍


I received this puzzle at no cost to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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