Boston Cowboy

Boston Cowboy
Boston Cowboy – Re-marks – 100 pieces

I love this image, it’s just freakin’ adorable! If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog you know that unlike many puzzlers I prefer puzzles with images of dogs much more than those with cats. From my viewpoint there are many more “cat puzzles” out there than “dog puzzles”; but you see more with images of dogs here at My Jigsaw Journal because I seek them out.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cats, or puzzles with images of cats on them. So many puzzles out there have unbelievably adorable cat artwork or images, they just aren’t my taste – that’s all. I’ve done many a cat puzzle, but I’m a dog person so my preference is cute puppy puzzles instead of ones with kitty cats.

This cute-beyond-words puzzle of only 100 pieces was a gift from a dear friend who shares my love of Boston Terriers and knows how much I enjoy a small piece count puzzle. It used to be that puzzles with small piece counts were all cartoonish or childish in some way, but I’m seeing more and more options out there for adults who enjoy smaller puzzles. Thank goodness!

I put this one together around midnight one evening, in the living room in front of the television. That’s one of the great things about small puzzles, you don’t need a lot of room or a special place to put them together. At only 100 pieces this adorable puzzle can be assembled just about anywhere!

Buddy was sleeping on the couch when I finished it, and I couldn’t help myself but take an extra picture. The fit of this puzzle was so good that I was able to walk around with the assembled puzzle and stand it up next to my little man on the couch!

Boston Cowboy 1

How adorable is this? I truly wish I’d had a red bandana that I could have laid across his neck, wouldn’t that have been cute? My Boston boy next to the Boston Cowboy, so very sweet!

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