My Good, Good Boy

My sweet Buddy

This past few years have truly sucked, and Monday the 11th of October added to the grief. My good boy had to leave us and my heart is broken. He is no longer suffering or in pain, but that doesn’t help the sorrow much. We all wish he was still here with us.

The picture above is how I will remember him, always happy and wanting to play and right in your face about it. He wasn’t a snuggler, and when you showed him any love, tried to give him tummy rubs, or even just wanted to pet him he would get so excited and go find the nearest toy and bring it to you. He wanted to share his favorite toys and activities with you; cause you cared about him and he cared about you. Unless he was tired he didn’t really like hugs or snuggles; for him, love was action. I have found that to be true as well, my Buddy was a very wise pup.

Waiting on momma to get out of bed…

Isn’t that the sweetest face ever? He always kept me company whether I was doing puzzles or in bed watching tv. Here he is with me in bed while I was resting; patiently waiting, keeping me company, and watching over me when I wasn’t well. We don’t deserve dogs, they’re so full of unconditional love.

Buddy loved to make a little nest in all the pillows on the bed, and sometimes I’d walk by and his little head would pop up to see what was happening and whether or not he’d want to get involved. The cutest, bestest boy ever.

I felt the need to put a puzzle in this post. This is from the Ji-Ga-Zo puzzle that mom found at the thrift store. You put a picture into the software and it gives you a “map” to complete the puzzle – so of course we had to put in that gorgeous face – his picture was the first one we assembled. He looks so serious, and so handsome too. There are references to my puzzling companion all through this blog. I talked about him keeping me company, making me take breaks to play with him, and there are more than a few pictures of his adorable face too. He’s all over the place here, as he should be.

Half the pictures in my phone are of Buddy, I spent so much time looking through them this past week. Remembering that sweet face, his silly antics, how his eyes would bug out when he was excited to play, and how much he meant to our entire family. Losing him was so hard on all of us. There’s an emptiness in the house now. In our hearts too.

I’ll leave you with one last image, one my oldest son had commissioned several months ago (art credit to @Zooophagous on Twitter). It’s our Buddy, looking dapper and happy – how he’ll always be remembered.

He was the happiest dog, full of kisses and excitement, love and patience, and he was a good, good boy. 🐾💔🐾

Boston Cowboy

Boston Cowboy
Boston Cowboy – Re-marks – 100 pieces

I love this image, it’s just freakin’ adorable! If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog you know that unlike many puzzlers I prefer puzzles with images of dogs much more than those with cats. From my viewpoint there are many more “cat puzzles” out there than “dog puzzles”; but you see more with images of dogs here at My Jigsaw Journal because I seek them out.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with cats, or puzzles with images of cats on them. So many puzzles out there have unbelievably adorable cat artwork or images, they just aren’t my taste – that’s all. I’ve done many a cat puzzle, but I’m a dog person so my preference is cute puppy puzzles instead of ones with kitty cats.

This cute-beyond-words puzzle of only 100 pieces was a gift from a dear friend who shares my love of Boston Terriers and knows how much I enjoy a small piece count puzzle. It used to be that puzzles with small piece counts were all cartoonish or childish in some way, but I’m seeing more and more options out there for adults who enjoy smaller puzzles. Thank goodness!

I put this one together around midnight one evening, in the living room in front of the television. That’s one of the great things about small puzzles, you don’t need a lot of room or a special place to put them together. At only 100 pieces this adorable puzzle can be assembled just about anywhere!

Buddy was sleeping on the couch when I finished it, and I couldn’t help myself but take an extra picture. The fit of this puzzle was so good that I was able to walk around with the assembled puzzle and stand it up next to my little man on the couch!

Boston Cowboy 1

How adorable is this? I truly wish I’d had a red bandana that I could have laid across his neck, wouldn’t that have been cute? My Boston boy next to the Boston Cowboy, so very sweet!

My Puzzle Pal

My adorable little Puzzle Buddy!

I’m working on a What If? puzzle at the moment, so I can’t show you an in progress picture, it would give too much away. So today instead of the puzzle I’m currently assembling I’m showing off my handsome puzzle pal . At this very moment he’s curled up in his bed taking a nap here in the puzzle room – it’s so darn cute!

Soon, when he’s had enough of being patient he’ll get up and go underneath the table and bump me on my knees with his cold, wet nose; what he’s saying is “That’s enough of being in here for now. Let’s go watch tv in bed or go outside.” He’s very polite about it, just a gentle little nudge to get my attention – he’s such a sweet tempered little guy.

When we go outside sometimes he wants to play, and sometimes he just wants to lay down in the sunlight. It’s very important to him that I go out too. He’s almost like a toddler, always wanting me to be there watching over him so he feels safe. Here he is yesterday taking a break from being in the puzzle room, working on his tan…

Buddy 1

We keep each other company during the day; whether we’re together outside while he plays or lounges around, watching tv, or while I’m working on my latest puzzle – he’s my constant companion wherever I go. I’m pretty darn fortunate to have such a good friend to share my days with. 💗

My Puzzle Buddy


My handsome boy is having surgery this morning, it’s almost as stressful as when I’m having surgery! It feels horrible to leave him with the vet when I know he’s scared. I know he’ll feel better once it’s taken care of, so it has to be done whether I like it or not. 😥

He’s my puzzle buddy, and has his own bed in the puzzle room where he keeps me company. When he’s had enough of being supportive he goes under the table and taps me on the knees with his nose to let me know he thinks it’s time for us to find something else to do. So sweet!

I’m hoping he’s back to his old self and feeling better soon. 🐶

My Sweet Furbaby

So sweet, but uh oh!

Look at my adorable boy, looking sad and snuggling my nightgown. This beautiful, mostly well-behaved little Buddy (sweetest dog ever) made a very sour mess yesterday. To be fair, he had a little help. My husband was playing with him, throwing a toy and accidentally threw it where my 2000 piece puzzle was on the floor. Buddy skidded into it in his excitement, and it went kablooey!

I didn’t get that upset, it wasn’t really his fault; it’s mine for having it on the floor in the first place. It’s been there for almost a month and no harm has come to it, but things happen. Buddy’s always been very well behaved and doesn’t chew things up or get into stuff he’s not supposed to, so I suppose I felt too comfortable leaving the big puzzle on the floor. Again, my fault, not his.

I’ve got other stuff stressing me out this week, and I think that’s the reason I’m not that upset about this. In the grand scheme of things a messed up puzzle isn’t really that big of a deal, there are plenty of other things that truly matter. I’m boxing it up, to be attempted another day; but I will get it put together eventually. It just won’t be now. 😕