Bestsellers – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

This fantastic collage image was so entertaining to me that I did something I haven’t done (alone) in years – I completed this puzzle in less than one day. It was already sorted, but I started with the edge in the morning and it was finished before 9 pm. It was easy to pick out pieces for each book and I was fully engaged in each little section.

The fit was a bit loose, but otherwise the quality was pretty good. I know going in that Re-marks puzzles aren’t premium quality, but their catalog of images is just too fun for me to pass up. In general though, they have good quality puzzles and I never hesitate to buy one of them.

I wanted to show the books closer up, so I’ve taken pics of each third of the puzzle. Please excuse the glare at the top, I didn’t have the angle just right.

This section has my favorite book of all time, To Kill a Mockingbird. And a confession that I haven’t read many of these books at all. In this first section only four of these books have been cracked open by me; what an ignorant philistine I am!

Three is the number of books read by me in this section. Yikes. But in all fairness, if they don’t interest me or the subject matter is too heavy and deep it is like slogging through mud for me to read them. I don’t do things because others do; I follow my own weird, winding, strange little path. I don’t read books because “people” think they’re important; I read books purely for education and/or entertainment. No excuses or explanations required.

I’ve only read two books in this section! And yes, one of them was Twilight. 🦇 In my defense, I was wanting to understand why my teenaged (at the time) daughter was so enthralled by this series, and so I read it. Then I needed to find out what happened so I kept on going. I won’t say they’re a guilty pleasure because I don’t believe you should feel guilty about things that make you happy (unless it hurts others), but I do enjoy that series now and again. It’s nice to zone out once in a while and read a sappy young adult love story.

The other book in this section that I’ve read was Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. VERY different in every way from Twilight. Very very different.

I love these panoramic collage puzzles from Re-marks, no matter what the subject of the collage is. I’ve got another one waiting in the wings – Broadway Musicals. I wonder if I’ll like it…..



Puppyness* – Re-marks – 100 pieces

A cute, quick, good quality puzzle that was a welcome break from larger piece counts. And I just couldn’t resist that adorable puppy face! Like many smaller puzzles this one had no title; I wasn’t feeling overly creative when I started typing up this post, so the name is just puppyness. That’s all I see when I look at this image, the sweet puppyness of that expression. 💖

I find that many smaller piece count puzzles are quite expensive to purchase new, so usually I get them from swaps with other puzzlers or thrift stores. I don’t mind spending a dollar or two for a 100 piece puzzle, but unless it’s a truly amazing image I don’t purchase them new. I’m a tightwad sometimes, and proud of it!


Authors – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

I knew this puzzle would be entertaining the moment I saw it, but I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. The random cut was a change from the usual grid cut that most manufacturers prefer for their puzzles. It usually takes my brain a few minutes to adjust to the difference in how the pieces fit together, but once I’m there it’s a nice break from the way my brain normally works in putting together grid cut puzzles.

Other than a slightly loose fit this lovely collage was excellent quality. Re-marks puzzles can be hit or miss sometimes, but they have so many interesting and beautiful collages in their catalog that I cannot help myself and buy them anyway. I put up with issues because the images are absolutely my pile of pieces, and most of them cannot be found with any other puzzle brand.

My favorite of the sections to put together. Lewis Carroll isn’t my favorite author, but I enjoyed the assembly of this section the most.

All along the edges were books by the authors in the image. You can read titles, author’s names, and even publishers on them all – you can even see the rips in the dust jacket on this book. Clear, crisp reproduction all the way around.

There were only two authors on more than one stamp, J.W. von Goethe and Charles Dickens. I’m not sure why they, above everyone else, deserved a double dose – but there you have it. I suppose whomever put this collage together would have had their own ideas about which authors were more important.

If you had been in charge, who would have gotten extra space?

Vintage Atlas

Vintage Atlas – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

My apologies for the picture, it isn’t one of my best. Some days I just can’t seem to get it together and this day was one of them. Wonky picture aside, this was an excellent puzzle that was loads of fun to assemble and I highly recommend it.

Great quality, probably the best Re-marks puzzle that I’ve assembled in a very long time. The reproduction is stellar – even very small details are sharp and visible. The fit was very good and the nice variety of shapes made for an interesting assembly. Overall, this puzzle was very impressive.

There’s something about this illustration of a Hawaiian island; the people shown and all of their activities made it easy to sort and very entertaining to put together.

There’s something calming about this image – and the color scheme was quite easy to pick out too. (Also, shout out to my international puzzle pal from Finland! 😎)

This old map image of the “cittie” of London was one of the first sections I assembled. It wasn’t overly easy but looks amazing.

Vintage Atlas was a great puzzle – and if it looks like something you’d enjoy I highly recommend it. 🧩💚

Authors In Progress

Authors – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

The current Re-marks puzzle I’m working on is very good quality and much more entertaining than the last few puzzles I’ve done – what a relief! I was starting to think that perhaps I should give puzzles a rest for a while.

I haven’t done well in choosing which ones to assemble this month and out of the five puzzles I’ve done so far only one of them was truly enjoyable. I need to stop picking puzzles based on what I think I need for the blog and start choosing ones I actually want to do in the moment (which seems to be easier said than done for me).

Of course it really isn’t the puzzles, it’s me and the state of my mind and body. I’m feeling awful and having to take all my pain meds all day, which makes me feel groggy and stupid – not the best for sitting at the puzzle table. And of course there’s the anxiety and depression, it doesn’t help matters at all. Having mental health issues along with physical health problems just plain ol’ sucks.

I’ll just keep plugging away, even though my puzzling has slowed down quite a bit. What’s the old expression? Fake it till you make it.