Ernest by Jeff Foxworthy – Cardinal – 300 pieces

Yes, you are reading that right – this image is by comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Truthfully, I thought the artwork was funny and was going to buy it anyway; but add the fact that I am a comedy nerd as well as a jigsaw puzzle nerd and I just had to get this puzzle!

Stand up comedy has been one of my loves since I was young. When most pre-teen and teenage kids had albums from the current music stars, most of my record collection was full of Steve Martin, Flip Wilson, Robin Williams, Allan Sherman, Bill Cosby (which I debated adding here, but I can’t change the facts to suit me – Bill Cosby was a very large part of my comedy collection) and many more. We listened to comedy albums as a family, and when my sisters and I were mature enough my parents let us listen to and watch Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Redd Foxx and many of the more “blue” comedians too.

I still remember having a videocassette full of episodes of An Evening at the Improv that my husband and I used to watch during our first years of marriage whenever we needed a laugh. We’ve been fans of stand up since forever it seems, so how could I not get myself a puzzle with silly artwork from a famous stand up comedian?

The quality was about average for Cardinal – I would classify it as good/fair. Even so, I enjoyed the assembly more than I thought I would, and found the image a little bit more of a challenge than I expected as well. Both of those are very good things in my book!

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