Shoes – Part 4

Shoes 4.1
Shoes – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 125/500 pieces

And so today we’ve come to the last of the shoe puzzles. Just as I was a bit sad when I came to the end of these puzzles, I’m a little sad we’ve come to the end of the posts. 😕

Luckily there is another set of puzzles here that I could put together and make multiple posts from – it’s a set of birds. There is one small difference though, there are 15 mini puzzles in that set instead of 12; it would make for five posts instead of four. That’s pretty good, because I’ve been in such a funk lately that I’ve whittled my queue down to almost nothing. Time for Stacey to get herself back in the game!

Shoes 4.2

Love the sparkly bow/pin and the very cool crystal-like heel. Purple isn’t my go-to color, but put purple and pink together and you’ve got a hit as far as I’m concerned.

Shoes 4.3

This is my least favorite of all twelve shoes, I think it’s the orangey-yellow color. It may partly be because it’s floral as well, floral really isn’t my thing either. Still, overall, it’s a little wild and out there – which is absolutely my thing!

Shoes 4.4

How great is this shoe? It may sound a little odd to some, but it reminds me of my wedding dress. You couldn’t see it on the puzzles of my wedding pictures, but on the back of my dress were many draped strings of beads across my back, and the chains on this shoe remind me of them. I love the chains on the back! Add to that diamond studs, and shiny black and gold – to me this is a gorgeous shoe!

I hope this series of small, shaped puzzles was one you enjoyed seeing, and also hope that if you haven’t assembled a shaped puzzle before that it may have given you a push to perhaps try them for yourself. If a large shaped puzzle seems too foreign to you, I highly recommend giving one of these sets a try if you can find them. They’re great fun, and a nice change from only assembling rectangular puzzles. 🧩💗

10 thoughts on “Shoes – Part 4

  1. Penny Weiss

    Hee hee. These posts have been so fun. And its also been neat to see how opposite we are when it comes to the looks of glamorous shoes. LOL. Your favorite in this set is my least favorite. And I really love the floral one and feel the purpley pinl one is just meh…except for the diamond pin on the back. That is cool.

    Thank you for these last few posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our likenesses and differences.

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  2. Liana

    I absolutely love the Shoe puzzles. I’m doing the Butterflies from the same brand. I have completed 14 of the 18 and I don’t want it to end. I have looked for the Shoe puzzle but can’t find it in Canada right now. Hoping it’s going to reappear at some point as I know it would be my new favourite. I just found your blog a few days ago and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kind words Liana, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      I hope you can find the shoe puzzle as well, though it may take some time for everyone to ramp their production back up after all the stay at home orders everywhere.


  3. Ellen LoGiudice

    Fun posts, Stacey.
    I actually bought the Cottages mini puzzles after seeing them reviewed by you a while back. Looking forward to doing each little “bite-size” puzzle!

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  4. Janet L

    These are beautiful, but alas, my days of wearing heels have passed (and I never wore ones quite this high!). Of couse, it’s still fun to admire the colors and styles! Reminds me of the platform shoe fad of the ’70’s (Elton John – now there’s a fashionista!). Both Re-Marks & White Mountain have 1980s collage puzzles, and Cobble Hill has an all-red puzzle in its color series. (Being a puzzle guru, you probably knew this!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never wore shoes this high either, they may make you legs and buns look better but for me it isn’t worth the risk of falling and the pain of having to walk in the damn things.

      I did know about the collages and the Cobble Hill color series, but I hesitate to call myself a guru. I’m just a big ol’ puzzle nerd, who is proud of it! 😉


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