Shoes – Part 3

Shoes 3.1
Shoes – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 125/500 pieces

I love this set of shoes, they’re big and flamboyant and fun – like me. 😁

The entire set of twelve different shoes is fun to assemble and pretty to look at; but this set of three makes me smile a little bit bigger than the others do. There’s just something about this set that I love a teeny bit more than the other three. I’m not sure I can put my finger on exactly why, the group is just a little more “me” than the others.

Shoes 3.4

I just got done saying how much I like this set more than the others, but now I’m going to tell you that flowery isn’t really my style. Nevertheless, it’s bright, hot pink – and we’ve learned that this child of the 80’s is ALL ABOUT hot pink; so even with all the flowers I love this shoe. The 80’s was about bright, crazy, in-your-face colors and this color takes me back to that a little. Perhaps it’s the gray-haired little old lady that I am now reliving my glory days; back when how you looked seemed more important than comfort. Man I was stupid when I was young. LOL

Shoes 3.3

Super sparkly with pearls, and who doesn’t love a little sparkle? These shoes certainly make an impression, don’t they? If it were just gold and sparkly it would be a little boring, but when you add the ribbons and pearls and diamond stud it kicks it up a notch. Now they’re a little “out there”. I do so love to be a little “out there”.

Shoes 3.2

Black and red, my favorite combination – just slightly above pink and black. Black and red has always been my favorite, since middle school I would say. Red is my favorite color, and when you put it with black it just dresses it up and makes it a bit more sophisticated. Sophistication isn’t always what I’m going for, because black and red can also be a little wild. Black and red was my “go to” back in the day.

I wish I could wear these shoes, I’d look awesome on the way to the hospital! 🤕

2 thoughts on “Shoes – Part 3

  1. Penny Weiss

    LOL. The gold glitter shoe is my favoeite in this bunch. Though I like the pink flowery one too. The gold one reminds me of a nail polish I had back then that was clear but with gold glitter flecks in it. I had one in silver too. Loved those nail polishes sooo much!

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