Bulldog In Progress…

Bulldog IP
Bulldog with Butterflies by Coco de Paris – Cardinal – 300 pieces

Well, as much as I love this image by Coco de Paris, I have to take issue with the title. If you’re reading this on June 9, 2020 you can see on the right side of the page (under what’s on my board) what the finished image will be – that is NOT a bulldog! It’s a Boston Terrier, and I know this because my beloved puzzle pal who faithfully sits beside me while I assemble jigsaw puzzles is a pure bred Boston Terrier. I know what they look like; I look into this sweet, smiling, adorable face all day. Every day.

If you want to split hairs you could tell me that the breed came from a cross between an English Bulldog and a White Terrier; but I’m cranky today and would suggest that no one try to split hairs with me right now. 😉

Ok, rant over.

My meds have been changed again, and now there’s a patch on my shoulder delivering pain medication every hour. It isn’t going well, so even though I REALLY wanted to get going on this puzzle I just wasn’t able to this past weekend. But I finally got myself out of bed last night so that hubby could go to sleep (he brings home the bacon, he’s gotta be able to rest), and rather than watch the news I put myself in front of my puzzle table and got to work.

The butterflies were where I started once the edge was completed, and once they were done I picked out the all white pieces and put those in. Sometimes I prefer to get the more difficult areas of an image done first, then I won’t be dreading them. So when I get back to the puzzle this morning all that’s left is that sweet face and lots of words – both of which I love. 💗

6 thoughts on “Bulldog In Progress…

  1. Penny Weiss

    That is so funny because when I saw the title on Amazon before purchasing it, I said the same thing — “That is a Boston, not a bulldog!” Clearly the powers that be at MB who named this puzzle never had a Boston. LOL

    Love it though. Great job so far.

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  2. Sandra

    I agree! This dog has to be a Boston Terrier, it doesn’t have those snout wrinkles French Bulldogs have. The words appear to be in French, but that doesn’t change the DOG into a French Bulldog any more than being a French Poodle 🐩 LOL!

    Glad you are able to do a little more puzzling!

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