Birds – Part 5

Birds 5-1
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 100/500 pieces

The final part of the series of Bird puzzles from Lafayette Puzzle Factory/Cra-Z-Art – they’re fun to assemble and pretty to look at! I enjoy these small shaped puzzles so very much, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them too. 🙂

There are still four more new sets that I haven’t done yet, but for right now I can’t find them, because while I was sleeping one day my husband decided that he was going to give me a larger set of shelves in the puzzle room. He took all my puzzles, piles of puzzles, and everything else and put them all together in an order he thought was best.

I know he was trying to be kind and thoughtful, and while I do appreciate the sentiment …… I would very much like to hurt him. A lot. Honest and truly. A LOT. He’s extremely lucky that I love him. So very lucky. 😡

Anyway, back to the birdies!

Birds 5-2

Chastity the Chickadee. For some reason that name makes me laugh. 🙂

The picture of all three birds shows the large difference in size between some of these puzzles – there are much fewer pieces to this small puzzle than in the next one. I find it refreshing that they’re not all the same size or piece count. At least it isn’t boring to put them together.

Birds 5-3
Blue Jay

This beautiful bird seems more feminine to me, so I have named her Bernadette the Blue Jay. Bernie for short. The color is so striking, I wish more of the bird’s back was shown so that there was more of that gorgeous blue for us to see! The slightly orange color on the breast is quite pretty in it’s own right, this bird is one of my favorites.

Birds 5-4
Common Yellowthroat

What a sad name – Common Yellowthroat. If someone called me a “common Stacey” they would NOT have a good day. I’m just sayin’. Since the species says she’s common, I have given her a fabulous name – Countessa the (not so) Common Yellowthroat.

I had a really good time assembling these puzzles, and I had to stop myself from giving them all backstories even though I said they didn’t have enough personality to inspire me. Once I gave them names the whole backstory just popped into my head, I made up the personalities I wanted them to have. Perhaps I should stop puzzling and try my hand at writing the great American novel.

Or, perhaps, I should stick to my beloved puzzles and just let myself be silly and crazy once in a while with these smaller shaped puzzle sets. That’s probably for the best. 😉

Birds – Part 4

Birds 4-1
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 100/500 pieces

This is the brightest, prettiest group of birds so far – the colors are beautiful! If there was one thing I didn’t like about this set of puzzles it would be that they all seem a bit duller than they should. That’s only my opinion, of course. But there’s something less bright and cheerful about this set to me. Perhaps it’s all in my head, that could very well be. We all know it’s a rough neighborhood to live, my head. Yikes.

Birds 4-2
Red Cardinal

Meet Ralph the Red Cardinal. He looks like a fun guy. When I was putting this bird together the color of the tail threw me off, it seemed much too dull to be part of this smaller puzzle. I assembled all of these puzzles without the aid of the box images, so at first I wondered if it was a branch that the bird was sitting on. The color seemed so deep and different from the body of the bird. Of course, once you follow the shapes and put everything together you see where it all fits.

Birds 4-3
American Goldfinch

This is Aunt Gertie the American Goldfinch. She looks like the nice, fun aunt who lets you get away with stuff your parents would never allow. I like Aunt Gertie.

Birds 4-4
Tree Swallow

This bird looks a little cranky to me, I’m not sure why. It looks like if I needed something I’d better think twice before asking this guy for help. His name is Tremaine. He will give you everything he has and will always help, but you’d better be sure you know what’s going on before you involve him. 😉

These birds with the duller back-ends and undersides took a little longer to put together than I thought they would. If you’re not using a picture to help guide your assembly sometimes where pieces should go and how they fit together isn’t readily apparent at first. At least that’s how it was for me. You look at them and think that it should be a quick assembly, that wasn’t always the case for me.

Whether they went quickly or a little more slowly, they were all still enjoyable and entertaining – and that’s the whole point of this wonderful hobby we call jigsaw puzzling. 🧩

Birds – Part 3

Birds 3-1
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 100/500 pieces

These birds are a bit more boldly colored, bright colors do make me very happy and are more entertaining for me to assemble. And I think I’ve enjoyed these posts more, showing each and every mini puzzle. The artwork is beautiful, as is the reproduction, and they each deserve to be seen in detail.

Birds 3-2
Scarlet Tanager

I know I told you I didn’t want to do any research to learn about any of the birds, but this one had me googling – I wanted to know if it were possible for birds to be fat. This is the stockiest bird I’ve ever seen! Apparently this is just the build of this species, but if you are interested there are some amazing photos of seriously obese birds out there on the web. Wow.

This is Bob. He’s a Scarlet Tanager. He knows he’s pretty. He’s a smug idiot.

Birds 3-3

The Chickadee is one of two sets of duplicates within this set of 15 birds. There are two each of this species and also the Tufted Titmouse. The reason why is anyone’s guess, because I certainly don’t know. There are so many species of pretty birds out there, it seems odd to have more than one of the species with the plainest colors. An interesting choice to be sure.

I have named this one Cherry the Chickadee.

Birds 3-4

I have named this one Bolero the Bluebird. Only because I like the sound of it. 😉

It seems odd to me that this multicolored bird is named the Bluebird. Perhaps the scientists/birdwatchers who started naming birds had never seen an Indigo Bunting (shown in yesterday’s post) before giving this species the name Bluebird. There are some odd names of animals in nature, so I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Birds – Part 2

Birds 2-1
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 500 pieces

More pretty birds to look at, more fun puzzles to assemble. I tried really hard to make sure that I had enough variation in color in each of the sets; sometimes it’s more difficult than you think, at least it is for me. I always worry about dumb stuff like that.

You’ve all heard me tell you how much I love these puzzles, you certainly must be sick of the same things over and over. Sorry if things are being constantly repeated, I can be a bit of a broken record sometimes.

Birds 2-2
Indigo Bunting

The color of this bird – wow! It’s absolutely gorgeous, when you say a “bluebird” you don’t always see such a vibrant, beautiful color. I know speaking for myself that I basically call them all bluebirds, even though that’s not the correct name. This species is a name I hadn’t heard of before, it’s so striking though, isn’t it? I have named her Indira the Indigo Bunting.

Birds 2-3
Tufted Titmouse

This is Talayah’s twin sister, Tatianna. They are the Tufted Titmouse Twins. Little girls with BIG personalities. 🙂

I wish the colors were brighter and more fun, but I’m certain if they were that the birds themselves wouldn’t be very safe in their own environments. I’m guessing their slightly boring coloring helps them out in some way.

Birds 2-4
Baltimore Oriole

Bartholomew the Baltimore Oriole. He’s from Jersey. (His parents emigrated from Maryland)

Birds – Part 1

Birds 1-1
Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 100/500 pieces

This is part one of five – unlike most of the other sets, there are 15 small puzzles here instead of only 12. Another difference is that, unlike most of the other sets, these have quite a variation in sizes. You can see in the picture above that the middle bird is much smaller than the one on it’s right. In some ways that makes them a little more interesting to assemble, as you don’t get used to the usual shape and size when putting them together. Some seem bland in color and some are striking; but I enjoyed each assembly anyway, regardless of the color.

This is an older set, the ones with the more slippery backing, and also they’re branded as both Lafayette Puzzle Factory and Cra-Z-Art. The quality is good, with a nice variety of piece shapes and a good fit. I highly recommend giving one of these sets a try, I for one absolutely adore them. (As I’m sure you can tell because I’m having such a good time that I keep acquiring more sets and assembling them. Hope you guys aren’t sick of these puzzles yet, because there’s a lot more where they came from! 😉 )

Birds 1-2
Painted Bunting

I wish I knew more about birds, there isn’t much I can tell you about this species of bird without doing research (which I do not wish to do, sorry). The colors on the wings are lovely though! Making up bios about all of these birds isn’t something I”m going to do this time; they seem to have less personality than the unicorns did. I suppose if I were a “bird person” I might feel differently – but a bird person I am not.

But since the box tells me the names of each of the species, I feel as though I can at the very least name them. So……since this bird somehow seems masculine to me I’m naming him Pasquale the Painted Bunting. He’s French. 🗼

Birds 1-3
Tufted Titmouse

I admit to having a juvenile mind and grinning – a bit of a wicked smile – at finding out the name of this bird. Titmouse. Ha. Titmouse. *giggle*

This species is a bit muted in color, and seems small, but I’m going to (in my mind) give it a BIG personality. When you’re little and you blend in you’ve got to make yourself known. Therefore, I’m giving this little one a very big name. Talayah the Tufted Titmouse. She takes NO GUFF!

Birds 1-4
American Robin

This is Alan the American Robin. He’s a bit boring and he looks a little cranky, but he does have lovely coloring on his breast.

Sorry about the tardiness of this post, I have no excuse other than I was feeling lazy today and just couldn’t muster the energy to sit in front of the computer and type up this post. I’m way behind on adding the puzzles I’ve already done to my queue, and it starts to get overwhelming to think about. Just a bad day I guess. I’ll try to do better.