Great White Delight

Great White Delight
Great White Delight by Jerry LoFaro – Ceaco – 100 pieces

This is a cute puzzle I picked up the last time I was at the thrift store. It was supposed to be a glow in the dark image, but unfortunately the glow was worn out. We even tried leaving it outside in the sun for 10 minutes (you usually get the best glow from putting them in the sunlight), but no luck. Ah well, we tried.

It is also obviously missing a piece, which is unfortunate; this would have been a great one to donate to the school my daughter works for. Some of the kids there need a puzzle with a bit of challenge, and this would have been perfect.

The color scheme makes it a bit more difficult, especially if you don’t have good lighting. This was partially assembled while I was in bed, but the lighting in my bedroom isn’t great. Once the large skeletal jaw was complete I ended up having to take it into the puzzle room to finish it; my poor old eyes couldn’t distinguish the correct pieces to place with all those different shades of blue! 🦈

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