Suds and Pups

Suds and Pups
Suds and Pups by Jenny Newland – Karmin – 550 pieces

Unlike many puzzlers who prefer cats, I absolutely prefer a puzzle with dogs – in fact I’m working on another one right now.  This is such a cute image by Jenny Newland, but unfortunately it didn’t have the same quality as the previous puzzle with her artwork by the same brand. Still, I had a good time putting all those sweet puppy faces together. 🐶

This is one of my Christmas gift puzzles, and I LOVE the image. This puzzle had quite a few pieces not cut all the way through, and some that were bent. It must have been one that was cut when the die was duller – although I’m not sure how that results in bent pieces. Karmin isn’t usually a brand that I buy, but I was surprised at the thickness of the pieces and the way they fit together; they were much better than previous Karmin puzzles I’ve worked.

Suds and Pups 1

What an adorable face! I really enjoyed this artwork, it had exactly the right amount of difficulty for a 550 piece puzzle. It wasn’t too easy, in fact it was harder than I thought; but that is perfect for a smaller puzzle, I don’t want it to be over too quickly.

I had a great time assembling this puzzle, even with it’s issues. It was full of sweet puppy faces!

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