Keepsake Memories

Keepsake Memories – Springbok – 1000 pieces

What? Another Christmas puzzle? I know, but I had three of them already assembled and waiting in my queue before I purchased the Terrible, Rotten, No Good, Very Bad Advent Calendar. So you’ll just have to put up with this and two more holiday puzzles before they are all done for the year.

Although the image is fun and interesting, the fit of this puzzle was not at all to my liking. It has the super tight fit that some Springbok puzzles have, where you have to use some upper body strength to press the pieces into place. It also makes for a puzzle that doesn’t always lay completely flat, because it’s so tight that it curls up in places. I know that some people prefer this very tight fit, but it’s just not for me.

Gnarly fit aside, the assembly was still engrossing and relaxing. Each of the fabrics/textures in the background were easy to pick out and assemble, and at the end it was just a matter of filling in each ornament. Calming, absorbing, entertaining, and all together lovely.

Keepsake 1

This was my favorite of the sections; Santa after work with his honeydew list of chores. I was able to read some of them, and he certainly has his work cut out for him! Fix the landing beacon, tune the glockenspiel, insulate the attic, and several other things that I wasn’t able to read. That ought to keep him busy and out of Mrs. Claus’ hair for a little while. 🔨🎅

How adorable are these two? Mom has chocolate dipped strawberries for feet, and dad has a licorice scarf and a peanut butter cup hat! Too cute!

Even though the fit was too tight for me, this puzzle still made me happy and provided me with several hours of alone time early in the mornings – peaceful quiet and puzzling. Lovely.

This puzzle is part of a batch of puzzles I’ve brought over from mom’s house. She loved this type of puzzle, especially with the Hallmark ornaments, and grama loved them too.  Collages are my favorite type of puzzle, and these Springbok collages with the fabric backgrounds are so fun to assemble – that makes three generations of women who loved to puzzle, and loved this type of puzzle as well – and I assembled it this year in loving memory of the two women whom I deeply loved and learned my love of puzzling from. 💖

2 thoughts on “Keepsake Memories

  1. Anonymous

    I generally don’t like Xmas puzzle images — too much snow makes it too much of a challenge — but I adore this image with all the different ornaments.

    I haven’t tried a Springbok puzzle before and your reviews of their puzzles makes me very hesitant to buy one. I do assemble puzzles more than once and I’d be concerned that with their overly tight fit that some of the pieces might become damaged when taking the puzzle back apart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thing is, the only way to know is to try and see if it’s something you like. And, not all Springbok puzzles have a super tight fit, I’ve had some perfectly lovely Springbok puzzles that were just right in the fit department. I will also say that many of the Springbok puzzles I’ve assembled have been secondhand, and even the ones with a tight fit don’t seem any worse for wear for having been disassembled.

      I’m not trying to lean you in either direction. But it has been my experience that the only way to know is to try. You may hate them or love them, but you’re the only one who will be able to tell what’s best for how you puzzle. 🙂


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