New Puzzles!

Christmas Gifts
My Christmas Puzzles!

Just thought I’d do a little bragging, I got a bunch of puzzles this year for Christmas! My beautiful daughter went a little overboard, but I understand the reason and love her even more for it. 💝

She wanted to make sure I had enough smaller piece count puzzles to choose from; I have MANY, MANY 1000 piece puzzles or larger here at the house. When we go puzzle shopping together I’m usually looking for puzzles under 1000 pieces to fill in the gaps, so she stocked me up for a month or so. 😉

There are three puzzles at 550 pieces, three that are 500 pieces, and two 300 pieces – what a great selection! I’m certainly glad the Jan van Haasteren puzzle is only 550 pieces, it’s so busy and it’s been years since I assembled one of his images. The Aimee Stewart Skate Night puzzle is GORGEOUS and it just might be saved until last, and there are three adorable dog puzzles that are so sweet!

She did a beautiful job selecting puzzles, and I can’t wait to get going on them. I’m starting today with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the image makes me very happy and I think it’s going to be a great assembly. All those colors in the background should be a lot of fun. 😎

More Christmas Gifts!

I also got these beauties from my dear friend Penny at The cottages are for when I can’t sit at my puzzle table and am resting in bed, the Elf puzzle is because we were just talking about funny movies (and it’s adorable), and the 2000 piece Pixar puzzle is because she’s always cheering me on to overcome my anxiety and do some larger puzzles again (and because it’s a collage and she knows how much I love them).

She did an excellent job of selecting puzzles as well, and I’ve got a great new pile of puzzles in my stash to choose from. I’m almost looking forward to having to be in bed so I can get to assembling those cottages! 😉

Both my puzzle benefactors this year picked out some wonderful puzzles for me and as I’m putting them together I will be reminded of the thoughtfulness and kindness of these two fantastic women. Every piece of every puzzle is thoroughly appreciated, and I’m looking forward to each assembly and to sharing these puzzles with my readers.

My PADS is flaring up today and I find that my mood this morning is a puzzle induced euphoria – so many sensational new puzzles to choose from! 😍

6 thoughts on “New Puzzles!

  1. Anonymous

    ooooh I love that cottages one. I look forward to seeing that one put together.

    Buffalo has really disappointed me this year. They’ve released so many lovely images as usual but so many of the images I liked were only available in 300 pieces. I know some “older” images from their catalog became 300 piece puzzles but so many new ones, like the fun Aimee Stewart roller skate one, is only available in 300. I so wish it was available in 500 or 750. 1000 piece puzzles used to be my sweet spot but they just overwhelm me now so I like 500 pieces. I guess it’s hard for Buffalo to please everyone. I do have a couple of 300 piece puzzles by Buffalo and the pieces are so nice and thick and fit together so well — I wish their other piece counts were like that.

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    1. I’m sorry you haven’t been happy with Buffalo puzzles this year. It’s frustrating when an image you love isn’t in a piece count that you’d like, I definitely understand that. The Aimee Stewart skate puzzle may be available in a different piece count soon, don’t give up hope!


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