12 Days of Christmas Puzzles Day 6

12 Days - 6
Santa’s Ride – Ceaco – 100 pieces

This puzzle surprised me! It’s exactly the kind of Christmas image that I stay pretty far away from, the artwork just isn’t my pile of pieces. Interestingly though, the actual assembly was much more entertaining than anticipated and I found myself quite engaged with it.

My suspicion is that had it been a larger piece count it would driven me crazy. All the falling fuzzy snow, soft outdoor lights, and the typical Coca-Cola-type Santa image would, in a larger puzzle, have definitely brought out the Grinch in me. Luckily I came across this image in only 100 pieces and to my great surprised enjoyed it very much. It’s a Christmas miracle! 😉

This is the halfway mark of the advent calendar, and it isn’t a surprise to me that these little puzzles are delightful to assemble – especially in the midst of the holiday rush. There are places to go and many things to do, and sometimes the only time I touch puzzle pieces is assembling these little images in the morning.

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