12 Days of Christmas Puzzles Day 7

12 Days - 7
Last Minute Santa – Ceaco – 100 pieces

This little puzzle leads me to believe that the elves are definitely slacking off. Santa has to break out the paint and finish the toys inside the children’s homes? Awful! Methinks some of the elves aren’t going to be happy about their performance reviews this year. Tsk tsk.

This is another one of those sickly sweet “perfect Christmas” images that I am not a fan of. Roaring fire, perfectly decorated tree, snow falling outside, jolly Santa – ugh. Perhaps I am a Grinch at heart (which must be 2 sizes too small), but these Hallmark perfect images are the reason I don’t care for Christmas puzzles.

So many people only puzzle around the holidays, and there are SO many images like this out there to cater to those people that it’s just too much for me. I prefer Christmas images that are unique, from a different perspective, childlike, or downright quirky. Maybe it’s just the fact that I despise going along with the crowd and have a need to be myself that I don’t like these type of Christmas puzzles. Most people seem to love them, and I see the draw; the artwork is beautiful and it’s a happy holiday scene, but it’s not really what I enjoy in a puzzle. To be clear – there’s nothing wrong with them, or the people who love them; they’re just not for me.

There’s only one more puzzle with this type of artwork left, only one more helping of vegetables to get through before we get to the desserts! The rest of the images are more my speed, and I’m especially looking forward to day 9, that is the image I’ve been looking forward to the most! Stay tuned. 😉

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