12 Days of Christmas Puzzles Day 5

12 Days - 5
Snowman & Kitten – Ceaco – 100 pieces

A deceptively simple looking image, but it was full of brush strokes and made for a little more of a challenge than anticipated! I hadn’t even finished my first cup of coffee this morning before I got going on this puzzle, and had to wake myself up a bit. ☕

So far all of these little puzzles have been assembled blind, I put the box away before I pour out the pieces and assemble using only colors and shapes. If I were looking at the image, this one might not have been so challenging first thing in the morning with my bleary eyes and un-sipped coffee. But it’s one of the cute ones, and while it might not normally be my pile of pieces it was enjoyable this morning.

These little one coffee puzzles have been the only puzzling I’ve done since Sunday morning. Today’s the day to turn it around though, I’ve got to get myself back to the board!

There’s so much preparation and stress around this holiday, and I’ve gotten myself wrapped up in it again wanting to make sure my family has a good Christmas – for reasons my regular readers understand. But puzzles help me relax and de-stress, so I need to pull myself up by my fuzzy slipper straps (not wearing boots) and put a puzzle on this board today. Ooh-rah!

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