The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop
The Wedding Shop by John O’Brien – FX Schmid – 300 pieces

This is the second time I have assembled this image. The first time it was named Rue L’Amour , was made by Cobble Hill, and was 500 pieces. The assembly was lovely both times, but I think I preferred the Cobble Hill only because it had more pieces and was a little more of a challenge.

They were both excellent quality puzzles. FX Schmid has (mostly) Ravensburger quality with a wonderful fit and beautiful image reproduction. I think this is the first 300 piece from this brand that I’ve worked, and it was quite nice. There was the slightest bit of warping on the pieces, but I live in the land of humidity so it’s difficult to say whether or not that played any part in it.

The Wedding Shop 1

John O’Brien really captures the dreamy quality of wedding gowns in a bridal shop in this image, it’s just beautiful.

An Afternoon Remembered

An Afternoon Remembered by John O’Brien – Ceaco (Parlor Puzzles)- 500 pieces

Another very interesting thrift store find. This puzzle has velvet on the back of the pieces!

This image seems lovely and bright but the pieces all looked extremely dark and it was difficult to find the right piece at times.  Once we got the lower area assembled we looked at it and were shocked at how light it looks. I like the image, but boy was this a challenge! Full disclosure – I attempted to assemble this puzzle last year, but it was too difficult for me at the time. I think it’s better to do the more challenging puzzles with someone. Mom and I worked this puzzle together and it was still tough, but it’s not so bad when there’s someone with you to talk to and laugh with. Also, the sense of accomplishment when you’re done is even bigger with a more difficult puzzle. You did it! Way to go! 😉

Ceaco has some very interesting puzzles. I’m not a big fan of their regular puzzles, the pieces are too thin for my taste – but they also have some special puzzles that are much better quality in my opinion. We found a puzzle backed with cork (click here for my post about the cork backed puzzle – so much fun!) and now this puzzle backed with velvet – very chic!


The pieces are thicker than normal for a Ceaco puzzle, and then the velvet adds even more thickness. The fit was tight and there was no problem lifting up a completed section to move it. I wish Ceaco would put the extra effort into quality for all their puzzles, because the ones I’ve found that are outside the norm are really exceptional quality. Wouldn’t that be great all the time?

If you can find a Ceaco puzzle that is a special edition, definitely go for it. The special puzzles we’ve done are really unique and fun! If you’re in my area check out the thrift stores, this puzzle is going back – it might be your next fun afternoon! (Bring a friend though, it makes it way more fun!)