Route 66

Route 66 – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Route 66 is a popular theme for jigsaw puzzles, and I’ve done several of them. This one was great fun, had excellent quality, and was one of the more entertaining versions in my opinion.

Ravensburger puzzles are always a great find at thrift stores, and this one was no exception. Even though it had obviously been assembled several times, the fit was still excellent. The box was pretty beat up, but thankfully there weren’t any missing pieces.

There was so much to see in this image; and with so many postcards and Route 66 road signs it was a bit of a challenge as well. But it was the best kind of challenge, the kind that sucks you in and focuses your attention. And as an added bonus I got to assemble this puzzle with my mom, which upped the entertainment factor. Puzzling with mom is the best!

Route 66 lends itself well to collage puzzles, and this is a bright, beautiful image. It’s no longer in production, but if you run across it at a thrift store I would highly recommend it – this Route 66 puzzle was definitely a place to “get our kicks”. 🚗

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