Cupcakes! – Re-marks – 200 pieces

This was a quick little 200 piece puzzle that I assembled in bed one evening while watching tv with my husband. It went together even more quickly than I thought it would, and was extremely entertaining.

Re-marks puzzles can sometimes be hit or miss, but this one had very good quality. In particular, the image reproduction was excellent with crisp lines and beautiful colors. The piece shape is a bit obvious in the finished image, but otherwise I had no problems with the pieces or the fit.

Mom took me to the store a few weeks ago so I could stock up on some smaller piece count puzzles and this is one of the ones we found. More often these days for me it isn’t as much about the image as it is about the piece count; I haven’t been doing many 1000 piece puzzles lately even though the majority of the puzzles here at the house are 1000 piece or higher. I was running out of smaller puzzles, and luckily we found this gem among all the others. 🙂


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