Hummingbirds and Fuschia

Hummingbirds and Fuschia by James Hautman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I have to be honest, I was a little scared of this one. There’s so much green! Even the hummingbirds are green! But it seems I should have given myself more credit, I didn’t find it as difficult as I’d assumed it would be, and the finished image is beautiful. 😍

Buffalo 300 and 500 piece puzzles are my favorite size, I find their cut on 1000 piece puzzles to be too much the same size and I just prefer the smaller piece counts from this brand. (I’m not even sure if it’s the size, there’s just something about them I’m not a huge fan of.) This 300 piece puzzle was excellent quality; piece thickness, shape variety, fit, and image reproduction were wonderful.

Obviously I started with all of the not green colors; pink, red, and white. There weren’t as many of those pieces as I’d hoped and they went together very quickly. All that was left was green. Many shades of green. Luckily there were many things within the green to work with – blades of grass, hanging stems, feathers, etc. There weren’t many plain colored pieces, and even the ones that had only color usually had shades or fading to assist in the assembly. It went together more easily than I thought it would and it was quite an enjoyable puzzle – much more than I’d hoped.

This was a thrift store puzzle and doesn’t look like it’s being produced anymore. It’s a pity; it really was great fun and I highly recommend it if you can find it for a reasonable price. 🌺

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