Hummingbirds and Fuschia

Hummingbirds and Fuschia by James Hautman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I have to be honest, I was a little scared of this one. There’s so much green! Even the hummingbirds are green! But it seems I should have given myself more credit, I didn’t find it as difficult as I’d assumed it would be, and the finished image is beautiful. 😍

Buffalo 300 and 500 piece puzzles are my favorite size, I find their cut on 1000 piece puzzles to be too much the same size and I just prefer the smaller piece counts from this brand. (I’m not even sure if it’s the size, there’s just something about them I’m not a huge fan of.) This 300 piece puzzle was excellent quality; piece thickness, shape variety, fit, and image reproduction were wonderful.

Obviously I started with all of the not green colors; pink, red, and white. There weren’t as many of those pieces as I’d hoped and they went together very quickly. All that was left was green. Many shades of green. Luckily there were many things within the green to work with – blades of grass, hanging stems, feathers, etc. There weren’t many plain colored pieces, and even the ones that had only color usually had shades or fading to assist in the assembly. It went together more easily than I thought it would and it was quite an enjoyable puzzle – much more than I’d hoped.

This was a thrift store puzzle and doesn’t look like it’s being produced anymore. It’s a pity; it really was great fun and I highly recommend it if you can find it for a reasonable price. 🌺

Fawn and Flowers

Fawn and Flowers by James Hautman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I assembled this puzzle while I was working on yesterday’s review, Ruby Red – I needed a win in the middle of all those black pieces! This  image was pretty, only 300 pieces, and exactly what I needed. 🙂

Buffalo 300 piece puzzles are great quality, with nice, thick pieces that feel good in your hands. They fit together extremely well and have lovely images to choose from. I’m not always in the mood for larger piece Buffalo puzzles, but I’m always happy to put together a 300 piece – they’re perfect for a quick, fun assembly.

Wildlife, nature and landscapes aren’t my usual choices; I prefer collages and bright colors for the most part. But purchasing puzzles at thrift stores has been quite the learning experience for me, puzzles I wouldn’t necessarily choose for myself I assemble because they’re available. I end up loving almost every one of them, and am usually surprised at how fun they are! I suppose it shows my age that I’m still surprised by this. 👵

Give a different image a try, you might end up loving it❣

Cardinals and Birch

Cardinals and Birch by James Hautman – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

Mom and I assembled this puzzle together just before Christmas. It was relatively quick and fun, and an excellent quality puzzle. It makes me smile when I look at it, because Mrs. Cardinal up there looks a little cranky to me! I wonder if hubby did something to tick her off. 🙂

I enjoy the Buffalo puzzles, especially the 300 piece ones. The size of the pieces is nice, makes for a good size finished puzzle and they fit together extremely well. They’re thick and sturdy and the image reproduction is really lovely. The tree bark made this puzzle a little bit of a challenge, but it’s nothing for me and my puzzle buddy – we made short work of it. We enjoy the challenge as long as it’s not too frustrating, and work together really well.

Cardinals seem to be a very popular subject for jigsaw puzzles, a quick search at Puzzle Warehouse brings up 43 puzzles with cardinals, and an additional 31 cardinal puzzles that are out of stock at the moment. Holy Songbird Batman! That’s a lot of cardinals! 🐦

They’re a beautiful bird, and it’s fitting that they’re in so many puzzles. If you’re a fan of cardinals and you come across this puzzle I highly recommend it – we had a great time assembling it.

Songbird Menagerie

Songbird Menagerie by James Hautman – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Another quick 300 piece puzzle mom and I did when I was visiting. We work together pretty well, and there’s lots of great conversation, teasing, laughing, and high fives – it’s the best!🤗

This puzzle was fun, quick, beautiful, and wonderful quality to boot! The fit was excellent, the image is lovely and calm and the pieces felt thick and sturdy. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for the larger piece count Buffalo puzzles (1000 and 2000), although I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because all the pieces are squarish and they all look so similar, or maybe it’s because I can be unreasonably picky. Who can tell? I find that I don’t feel the same way about the 300 and 500 piece counts of Buffalo puzzles. My brain is so weird sometimes!

This is a great puzzle to work on with someone else, I know I loved working on it with my puzzle buddy. 😎