The Ark

The Ark – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Another Noah’s Ark puzzle, we actually assembled this the same day as The Gathering. It’s a very popular theme, especially for children’s puzzles. Even though there was a missing piece we still enjoyed it very much.

Ravensburger puzzles hold up very well, their quality is excellent; and even with a well-loved puzzle from 1991 the quality is still evident. The pieces don’t show much sign of wear although you can tell this puzzle has been assembled many times. There was no image lift, the fit was still very nice, and the only telltale sign of aging was some slight discoloration on the backs of the pieces. What a bummer that one of the pieces escaped, this would have been a great puzzle to donate to the school my daughter works for. 😦

I’m hopeful that soon I’ll be feeling well enough to do more 1000 piece puzzles, there are many more of those in my to do “pile” than any other piece count. Not only is it the size that most puzzlers assemble, it’s the one with the most availability. Still, I’m trying to stay positive and enjoy the smaller puzzles we’ve been assembling – there are more of those around than I knew and I’m having fun looking for new challenges with smaller piece counts. I found a few puzzles yesterday on the way home from physical therapy and I’m looking forward to showing them off.😎

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