Seed Packets

Seed Packets by Tim Coffey – Lang – 500 pieces

Mom and I put together four puzzles the day we did this one, and it was by far our favorite puzzle of the day; it was bright and fun and went together quickly. We barely cared that all the pieces were ballerinas because they were thick and fit together well, and the image was pretty and entertaining.

I haven’t done many Lang puzzles, in fact this is only the second one I’ve done. I was much happier with this one than the first, I believe because of the difference in the color palette. When there is no variety in piece shape a brighter, busier image seems much less of a struggle to complete. The pieces seemed thicker than I remember from the previous puzzle, but that could be a trick of my mind. I enjoyed this assembly more, so I may be more forgiving without even realizing it. I’m not a fan of puzzles with only one piece shape, so unless the image is amazing it’s not a brand I would normally purchase new.

Still, the beauty of a thrift store purchase is that you’re not out much if you don’t enjoy the puzzle, and if you loved it then you got such a good bargain! Seed Packets was a bargain. 😁


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