Teddy Bears with Flags

Teddy Bears with Flags – Hasbro – 300 pieces

What an uninspired name for this puzzle! How about Patriotic Bears or something cute like Fuzzy Americans? When I saw the name of this puzzle I just laughed at how silly and bland it seems. I suppose if you can start off the puzzle with laughter you’re doing well, right?

I was actually intimidated by all that fur and put off doing this puzzle for quite a while; it was a bit challenging, but working with mom makes it much more entertaining and less like work. Thank goodness we get together every Friday no matter how I’m feeling to talk and puzzle and just hang out – she kind of insists on it. Otherwise I spend all my time at home only going out when I absolutely have to; she doesn’t think that’s healthy and she’s pretty persuasive for a little old lady. 👵

Despite being intimidated by all that teddy bear fur, this was quite a fun puzzle to assemble. The fit was a bit loose, but it wasn’t too bad. And other than the fit the quality was excellent and my assembly partner made it even more enjoyable.

I’ve been having such a difficult time lately being able to sit and puzzle for any length of time without pain. The 1000 piece puzzles that used to take me 2 days are now stretching out for a week or more, and it’s depressing. It’s to the point where I open the box to look at the pieces of a puzzle, and the 1000 piece ones are just overwhelming me. Trust me, I know how ridiculous that sounds; I completed a puzzle with 40,000 pieces, but one that only has 1000 pieces is just too much. I never claimed to be rational!

So for now I’m mostly working on puzzles with 300 or 500 pieces, I’m trying to keep my mood positive. I’m hopeful that I’ll be feeling a little better soon with some physical therapy and that I’ll be back to working puzzles of all sizes very soon. Fingers crossed! 🤞

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