4th of July Market

4th of July Market by Geraldine Aikman – Karmin – 500 pieces

There’s something about this image that just draws me in; so much so that even knowing it was a Karmin puzzle and wouldn’t be stellar quality, I still wanted to assemble it.

Karmin puzzles have pretty thin pieces, but on the positive side there are a good variety of shapes, the image reproduction is good, and they fit together quite well. It’s all about the image when it comes to brands I don’t normally assemble; if I really like the image I’ll put up with what I consider quality shortcomings. This was one of those images that I very much wanted to assemble, and it was fun and entertaining just like I thought it would be!

I can be pretty snobby about puzzles and what brands are best – we all have our own opinions and all of us are absolutely right. Some people prefer a premium puzzle with very thick pieces and some have no problem working puzzles from the dollar store with very thin pieces. For some a good brand has to have a variety of piece shapes, and others don’t mind working with just one shape. Find what makes you happy and go for it, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

Puzzling is good for you no matter the brand, if you’re having fun and relaxing you’re doing it right.

2 thoughts on “4th of July Market

  1. Sam Sattler

    You hit on something that I’ve noticed about my own puzzle choices: the main thing is the image. If the image is one that appeals to me, I can overlook a few other flaws, such as thin pieces, or even a looser fit than I like. But it the image is something that irritates me or seems a waste of time, I don’t care how well the puzzle has been produced. Thick pieces, vivid colors, etc. are no help if I don’t enjoy the image as it comes together. This is a great image…I would have bought it, too.


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