Disney Classics

Disney Classics – Kohl’s Cares – 300 pieces

This was a fun puzzle, but more challenging than it looks! Either that or I’m slowly losing my puzzle mojo – oh dear. 😐

This was the second Kohl’s puzzle we’ve found at the thrift stores, and I have to say I’m quite impressed with the quality. The pieces are thick, the colors are bright with crisp lines, and the fit is excellent. I was pretty bummed that 3 pieces were missing, the kids at my daughter’s school would have really loved this one.

I love a puzzle that’s easy to sort and this was definitely one of them. We started with the thick blue lines separating each section and the nameplate in the middle. I sometimes find putting together outlines first to be a bit difficult, luckily these were thick lines with words and they went together pretty fast. This is a “look and find” puzzle, so the words on the lines give you things to look for in each of the sections. Lots of fun for the little ones!

Jungle Book and Lion King weren’t as easy to sort, so I just put those pieces all on one tray and worked both of those sections at the same time. 101 Dalmatians and Dumbo were relatively easy to sort and put together and I had much more fun with this assembly than I thought I would. I’m just a big old kid at heart. 😁


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