Cardinals and Birch

Cardinals and Birch by James Hautman – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

Mom and I assembled this puzzle together just before Christmas. It was relatively quick and fun, and an excellent quality puzzle. It makes me smile when I look at it, because Mrs. Cardinal up there looks a little cranky to me! I wonder if hubby did something to tick her off. 🙂

I enjoy the Buffalo puzzles, especially the 300 piece ones. The size of the pieces is nice, makes for a good size finished puzzle and they fit together extremely well. They’re thick and sturdy and the image reproduction is really lovely. The tree bark made this puzzle a little bit of a challenge, but it’s nothing for me and my puzzle buddy – we made short work of it. We enjoy the challenge as long as it’s not too frustrating, and work together really well.

Cardinals seem to be a very popular subject for jigsaw puzzles, a quick search at Puzzle Warehouse brings up 43 puzzles with cardinals, and an additional 31 cardinal puzzles that are out of stock at the moment. Holy Songbird Batman! That’s a lot of cardinals! 🐦

They’re a beautiful bird, and it’s fitting that they’re in so many puzzles. If you’re a fan of cardinals and you come across this puzzle I highly recommend it – we had a great time assembling it.

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