African Splendor

African Splendor by Andrew Farley – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Another beautiful 500 piece Ravensburger, mom and I started this one the day after Thanksgiving but didn’t finish it before I left. Mom completed it that night; isn’t that just like a mother – having to finish things for their children. 😉

The 300 and 500 piece puzzles have become a favorite for mom and I to do together. Unless it’s a remarkable image we usually don’t have enough time to finish a 1000 piece puzzle, so the smaller piece counts are perfect. That leaves plenty of time to chit chat, laugh, and even pull the Spot It game from my purse for a couple of quick hands. (If you saw us play this game you’d be shocked at the little old ladies cussing at each other while laughing hysterically, it’s so much fun!)

This was another puzzle that is easy to work with someone else. Easy enough to pick out one of the animals and work on it without getting in the other person’s way. It’s not an image that mom and I would normally choose, but we’ve found we’re not nearly as picky when the prices are amazing. Tightwads we are, and proud of it! It was a fun assembly but challenging; and absolutely worth the 69 cents we paid for it.

Mom and I work puzzles together every week, and I’m so glad we get that time. I enjoy being able to assemble puzzles with someone, and it’s even better when that someone is mom. 💗 We’re so lucky to have each other!


5 thoughts on “African Splendor

  1. Mom

    I totally agree! We are so lucky to have each other. It’s so much fun to do something you love to do with someone you love, who also happens to love doing the same thing! Our weekly get together is the highlight of my week. And a Ravensburger puzzle for .69 cents! Who can pass that up? Not me!


  2. Anonymous Person

    This is such a stunning image and while I prefer 1000 piece puzzles, I think 500 pieces is just right for this image as the animal prints, grass, and some of the sky areas may have been even more tricky in a higher piece count.


  3. Anonymous Person

    It is a stunning image but I’m not going to try to track down a copy. I stick with puzzles that are in-print to save my sanity 😉 Plus I’m just not a fan of ebay.


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