Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I love a collage! I was pretty surprised that mom found this at the thrift store, I believe it’s a relatively recent White Mountain release. It was a fun assembly, as usual – it’s like having a bunch of mini puzzles that fit together. Heavenly!

White Mountain Puzzles are normally good quality, and except for the fit this one was as well. The fit was extremely loose and it was easy to upset pieces accidentally. This isn’t a problem I’ve ever had with a White Mountain puzzle, if anything they can sometimes have a fit that’s a bit too tight. I’ve had a couple with a fit so tight that you can stand the puzzle straight up on it’s edge! Click here to see a picture.

There were plenty of words, which of course made me happy. I love having words to put together! Collages seem to go quickly, because it’s difficult for me to walk away from it. One small section leads to the next and before you know it the entire puzzle is finished and you’ve lost all track of time. These are the best kind of puzzles if you ask me. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Down on the Farm

  1. Anonymous Person

    As you know, White Mountain puzzles are on my list of Puzzle-Brands-I-Do-Not-Buy-Anymore. How disappointing that the quality of your thrift store WM puzzle wasn’t up to par. This may or may not have anything to do with the fit issues you experienced, but I’ve noticed that WM doesn’t always use their “signature” blue chip board for their puzzles.

    I’m not happy that I don’t buy WM puzzles anymore — they have such great collage-style images but I just can’t give that company anymore $ when I’ve been so disappointed with the quality of the last couple of puzzles I’ve bought.


  2. Anonymous Person

    My literally last WM puzzle had some majorly bent pieces, pieces dangling from either other because a layer of the cardboard packing had torn away, and too many dented pieces to count. It was sad and dreadful. And this was a relatively new puzzle bought right from their site. The replacement puzzle they sent me was just as bad 😦

    I agree WM has some great collage puzzles but thankfully so does Re-marks, a brand I recently discovered 🙂

    Overall I’m sad about WM and that I don’t buy them anymore. Maybe I need to check the thrift stores in my area for any new/still-shrinkwraped WM puzzles. I’d give another WM puzzle a go if the price was super duper cheap.


  3. Anonymous Person

    Well even if I scored a super cheap (under $5) new-in-box WM puzzle at a thrift store, I still think I might be bummed if there were any quality issues but I probably wouldn’t be as sad since I didn’t spend that much money on it. The bottom line is that WM, for me, has inconsistent quality standards and that makes me sad — I just can’t trust them anymore 😦


    1. It stinks even when you haven’t made a huge investment, other than your time. It does seem that the quality is hit or miss sometimes. I was surprised, though, at the newer family puzzles with the 3 different sizes of pieces, the quality was much improved from what I saw. Although I can definitely see where you’re coming from, it isn’t worth it to gamble your $ on whether or not you’re going to get a good quality puzzle. Best to stick with brands you can still trust.


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